A Revolution to Conserve: Guided Questions

AP US I—Karnas
A Revolution to Conserve: Guided Questions
Based on the secondary source reading, answer the following guided question set using COMPLETE SENTENCES.
1. What event did Clinton Rossiter attribute as the most responsible for inciting conflict between the English Parliament
and the 13 Colonies?
2. What was the most significant quality of the 13 Colonies that allowed them to successfully break away from the
British Empire?
3. According to Edmund Burke, what long-term factors contributed to the independent spirit of Americans in the mid18th Century?
Explain one of them in detail.
4. What separates the American Revolution from other historic revolutions seen in France and Russia?
5. How did the way English colonists in America and British Parliament view the rights and authority of the 13 Colonies
differ? Be specific.
6. Explain the significant role geographic features played in fostering colonial autonomy. Provide three examples.
7. Describe demographic make-up of the 13 Colonies throughout the early to mid-18th Century.
8. Explain the impact politically, economically, and culturally of the influx of different nationalities of immigrants.
9. How did the four “forces-behind-the-forces” continue to work towards establishing an autonomous American
identity after 1765?
10. Explain how the Declaration of Independence marked the end of one revolution and the beginning of another.