Name________________________________ Colonization

Colonization Review
1. Explain the significance of the following dates:
a. 1607
b. 1620
2. What are the reasons for European exploration and colonization?
3. Which colonies were settled for religious reasons?
4. Which colonies were settled for economic reasons?
5. What was the last colony founded? Why was it founded?
6. What were the reasons for the growth of representative government?
7. What is the importance of the following to the growth of representative government:
a. Mayflower Compact
b. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
c. Virginia House of Burgesses
8. Explain the roles of the following in the development of self government in colonial America:
a. Thomas Hooker
b. Charles de Montesquieu
c. John Locke
d. William Blackstone
e. William Penn
9. How did religion contribute to the growth of representative government in the 13 colonies?
10. What were the reasons for the growth of the transatlantic slave trade, the development of the plantation
system, and the spread of slavery?
11. Describe the geographical characteristics and the economy of each region:
a. New England
b. Middle
c. Southern
American Revolution
1. Explain the significance of 1776:
2. Be able to analyze the causes of the American Revolution like
a. Proclamation of 1763
b. Stamp Act
c. Mercantilism
d. The Intolerable Acts
e. British economic policies after the French and Indian War (Sugar Act, Townsend Acts, Tea Act)
3. Explain the roles played by significant individuals during the American Revolution:
a. Abigail Adams
b. John Adams
c. Wentworth Cheswell
d. Samuel Adams
e. Mercy Otis Warren
f. James Armistead
g. Benjamin Franklin
h. Bernardo de Galvez
i. Crispus Attucks
j. King George III
k. Haym Salomon
l. Patrick Henry
m. Thomas Jefferson
n. Marquis de Lafayette
o. Thomas Paine
p. George Washington
4. Explain the issues surrounding important events of the American Revolution:
a. Lexington and Concord
b. Declaration of Independence
c. Saratoga
d. Valley Forge
e. Yorktown
f. Treaty of Paris 1783
5. Define and give examples of Unalienable rights.
6. List Grievances in the Declaration of Independence and how they were addressed in the Bill of Rights.