U.S. History: CH 15-16 test. Mr. Rumar Matching: Vocabulary Money

U.S. History: CH 15-16 test.
Mr. Rumar
Matching: Vocabulary
Money or land given to a company to help them with their business
Government workers
3rd class passengers on a steam ship, usually were isolated in the lower decks of the ship
Idea that government should stay of out business
Violence against Jews mostly in Eastern Europe and Russia
A form of corruption that usually involved bribery or special favors
Located outside of a city, people moved there as urban areas began to decay
Apartments where immigrants lived, usually were crowded and had bad living conditions
Isolating people because they may have a serious disease
Acts considered immoral or indecent
Wealthy people who donate money to education, helping the poor, and making a society a
better place.
Acquiring the traits and character of the dominant culture of a society
The banning of all sales and production of alcoholic beverages
The ability to read and write
Matching: People
Tried to stop the patronage system and reform the civil service.
Known as a “Half Breed” -- wanted to remain loyal to the party but reform the spoils system.
Was shot on July 2, 1881 and died three months later.
Elected in 1884, first Dem. since 1856, Was supported by Republican independents, Policies
were mix of Democrat and Republican ideas.
Supported an increase in tariffs, supported huge pension increases for Civil War soldiers,
Actions caused economic problems.
Became president when Garfield died, Decided to support reform of the spoils system.
Supported by urban workers and middle class, Economy improved during his two terms in
office, Shot on Sept. 6, 1801 – died a few days later.
Matching: People
Wanted African-Americans to be economically independent before trying to obtain civil rights.
One of the founders of Hull House – a community center that helped immigrants with legal
problems, child care, and summer camps.
Author who wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Founded the New York Charity Organization Society (COS) – they tried to help immigrants
assimilate to American culture.
Wanted Africans American leaders to fight for civil rights.
Multiple Choice:
What best describes the Credit Mobilier Scandal:
What are blue laws:
Immigrants to the USA tended to live where:
What was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882:
Mexican laborers immigrated to the Southwest USA in the early 1900’s because:
African Americans moved from the South to the industrial cities of the North because:
What is the best example of nativism:
What saw the growth of many colleges in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s?
What was the Niagara Movement:
What sport became the most popular in the USA during the late 1800’s?
What city did jazz music originate from:
Jim Crow laws of the period refer to:
In Plessy vs. Ferguson the Supreme Court stated:
Which of the following was a group dedicated to helping African Americans with civil rights:
What was the “woman question” of the early 1900’s?