Final Presentation

U Live
A Service Learning Group
Committed to Curing
Cancer one Blanket at a
Presented by:
Russell Jackson
Emily Christison
Shiona Howard
James Philipps
Samantha Jackson
in 2 people diagnosed (National Cancer Institute)
 1.6
million new cases of cancer will be
diagnosed in 2012 (American Cancer Society)
 577,000
Americans will die of cancer in 2012
1500 people per day
 Service
learning project for Communication 1010
fall 2012
 Formed groups
 Determine a community partner
 Plan how to offer our services
 U Live Strong members: Sam, Shiona, Emily, Rusty,
and Jimmy
 Community
partner: Huntsman Cancer Institute
 Personal experiences and Sam’s affiliation
The Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI)
HCI is located at 2000 Circle of Hope Dr. SLC, UT.
 1995
$100 million pledge from John M. Huntsman
 Empty space in cancer treatment
 His inspiration
HCI instills hope into cancer community through:
 Research
 Education
 Care
“We will place into society assistance for those who suffer, hope for
those who may need inspiration, and education for those who may
feel the challenge but do not have the means.”
-J.M. Huntsman
Verbal Communication
 Communication
expressed through words
 Utilized
everyday between best friends or
role limited situations
 Between
 Meeting
U Live Strong and HCI
with volunteer director: Blanca Raphael
 Ways to offer services
 Blankets
Verbal Communication
 Group
communication in and out of class
 What
were the advantages and
 The
purpose of communicating
 Park
City Blanket Tying
 Tied
14 fleece blankets for HCI
 Spread the word about HCI
 Was
synergy an advantage or disadvantage
to our group?
 Group
members strengths and talents
Interpersonal Communication
 What
is interpersonal communication?
Bill Rawlins Six Stage Model of
 What
does this picture
 What
are the different
types of friendships?
 How
did these relations
play a part in our project?
Relationship Dialectics
 “The
fabric of our personalities and lives becomes
richer as others weave through it the threads of
their experiences,” (Hales, 2010).
 Autonomy/Connection
 Novelty/Prediction
 Openness/Closed-ness
 Neutralization
 Separation
 Segmentation
Supportive Climates
is a supportive climate?
 Description
 Spontaneous
have supportive climates affected us?
Between group members
The Huntsman Cancer Institute
Group Communication Culture
“Communication is closely linked to culture because
communication expresses, sustains, and alters
culture,” (Wood, 2011).
 Characteristics
of Culture
 Learned
 Transmitted
 Symbolic
 Dynamic
 Potential
 Type
of Culture
 Affiliation
How Culture Affects
 Increased
contact results in decreased
stereotyping (Jones, 2001)
 Sensitivity
 Notes
 “We
in language
for blankets
feel sorry for you…” vs. “With love…”
 Unified
effort to serve patients
That’s a Wrap
Live Strong
 Verbal
 Interpersonal Relationships
 Synergy
 Supportive Climates
 Culture
 Thank
you Blanca and
HCI for this opportunity!
With love, U Live Strong