Take-Charge of Your Hormones

Dr. Kathleen Wills, I.MD, ND (USA), ND, BSc Medical
Anthropology, dip Herb Med, dip Nutritional
Assessment & Counselling
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 Constantly tired?
 Drinking or smoking?
 Sleeping poorly?
 More than 3-4 cups of caffeine daily?
 Headaches or migraines?
 Chocolate addict?
 Bloating and wind?
 Craving sugary foods?
 Sinus issues?
 Eating processed foods?
 Mood swings/anxiety/depression?
 Food sensitivities?
 Dull or spotty skin? Eczema/dermatitis?
 Lifeless hair?
 Joint aches?
 Frequent illness?
We apply at
least 475 toxic
or chemical mixtures, that interfere with normal hormone action
 The most sensitive window of exposure to EDCs is
during critical periods of development.
• - Breast/prostate cancer
• - Endometriosis
• - Infertility
• - Early puberty
• - Obesity
• Susceptibility to infections
Autoimmune disease
Brain/nervous system
• -Asthma
• -Heart disease/hypertension
• -Stroke
• -Alzheimer disease
• -Parkinson disease
• -ADHD/learning disabilities
 Environment
 Tap water
 Chemical residues (pesticides, fertilisers, antibiotics)
 Personal care products
 Pharmaceuticals
 Food additives
 Alcohol
 Cigarettes
 Weight gain around the middle or pear shaped body
 Mood swings/anxiety/depression
 Heavy or painful periods
 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
 Frequent headaches or migraines
 Endometriosis
 Fibroids in the breasts or uterus
 Ovarian cysts
 Breast cancer*
 Women who drink just two alcoholic drinks per day had blood and urine oestrogen levels up to 32%
*(1996 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Santoro et al)
*What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PreMenopause, by Lee, J. MD et al., Warner Books.
copyright of Dr. Kathleen Wills
copyright of Dr. Kathleen Wills
More dietary fibre: Kale, spinach and broccoli are your friends!
Supplements: Lecithin (choline), L- taurine, milk thistle, dandelion, calcium-d-glucarate, DIM and Brevail (from flaxseed)
Drink chamomile tea before bed and green tea 3- 4 cups daily
Natural bioidentical progesterone cream*
Aerobic exercise
Optimise your weight. Body fat feeds on oestrogen and produces more oestrogen! Eat Paleo and vegetarian mix with fermented foods. AVOID:
alcohol, caffeine, dairy products except natural yogurt, gluten, sugar, processed and fried foods.
Limiting xenoestrogens
Drink water
Skin brushing
Breathe deeply
*(Walking the Talk: Doing Science with Perimenopausal Women and their Health Care Providers, Prior, et al. 2007)
*Progesterone in Orthomolecular Medicine, Peat, R.
 Pregnant or trying to, breastfeeding
 Diabetic
 Recently ill
 Under 18 years of age or over 65
 Taking certain medications – consult with your doctor first
Inability to conceive: low
oestrogentake bioidentical
progesterone* to protect
mum and baby’s brains
and prevent postnatal
Miscarriage: low
Uterine polyps and
oestrogen dominance
*Ann Emerg Med. 2007
June 21; Does Progesterone
Have Neuroprotective
Properties? Stein, D. et al.,
Brain Research Laboratory.
 Urine or Saliva Hormonal Testing (take home kits)
 Toxins screen hair test
 Available from your integrative doctor, not your GP
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