The Taste of Melon

The Taste of Melon
By Borden Deal
• Protagonist: Narrator
• Antagonist: Mr. Wills
• Minor characters: J.D, Freddy Grey,
Willadean, Mom, Dad and Mrs. Wills
• Out in the countryside
• Swimming hole
• Mr. Wills watermelon patch
• Mr. Wills porch
• The narrator’s house
Topic statement
• A teenage boy wishes to prove himself to
his friends, Willadean, and Mr. Wills
Theme Statements (2)
• One shouldn’t assume things of another.
There is always more than what one sees.
• There is no victory in thievery.
Rating/Statement of Appeal
We chose to give this short story a 7.5
because we found the story somewhat
interesting and appealing. It had a good
wholesome meaning it and the message
was portrayed well.