Welcome to EECS 340
Introduction to Computer
Course Overview
• Top-down Intro Networking Class
– Application down to physical layer
• Topics to Cover
– Overview of Internet architecture, protocols
– Network applications (HTTP, FTP) and programming
– Transport (TCP, UDP), congestion/flow control
– Network (IP), routing, multicast
– Data Link, error handling, LAN, wireless
• Instructor
Yan Chen ([email protected]),
Office Hours: Mon. and Wed. 2:30-3:30pm or
by appointment, Rm L459, Tech Inst.
• TA
Zhaosheng Zhu ([email protected])
Office Hours: TBA, Rm 2-205, Ford Center.
• Required:
– EECS311 (data structure)
– EECS 213 or (EECS 205 + EECS 231)
• Highly Recommended: OS or having some
familiarity with Unix systems programming,
preferably in C or C++
– Minet is in C++ / STL
– BUILDING software is 35% of the grade of this class
Course Materials
• Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach
Featuring the Internet, Forth Edition, James
Kurose and Keith Ross, Addison Wesley, 2008
• TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume I: The Protocols,
Richard Stevens, Addison Wesley, 1994
• See course webpage and syllabus for other
recommended books and references
• Class attendance, discussion and quiz 15%
• Homework (4 sets) 10%
• Projects 35%
• Midterm 20%
• Final 20%
– Exams in-class, closed-book, non-cumulative
• Late policy: 10% each day after the due date
• No cheating
• Web page:
• Recitation: TBD.
– TA lectures on the homework and projects, and help to
prepare the exams.
• Newsgroup is available
– cs.340 (posting Q & A for homework & projects)
– Have to use VPN if access from outside campus
• Send emails to instructor and TA for questions
inappropriate in newsgroup
Project 1 Out Wed.
• Electrical submission due 11:59pm, 1/18
• Project description
• Six additional handout materials online
– Minet Sockets
– The TLab Cluster
– The Minet TCP/IP Stack
– Sockets in a Nutshell
– UNIX System Programming on a Nutshell
– Useful UNIX Tools