Your Inner Fish ch 9 - JBHA-Sci-US-tri1

Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin
Chapter 9: Vision
Rebecca Saionz
AP Bio – 9/13/10
What do humans and Old World
monkeys have in common?
• Detailed kind of color vision
– Three different kinds of light receptors, each
attuned to a different kind of light
– Other mammals only have two
– Allows us to distinguish more colors
What is the benefit of color vision?
• This kind of color vision arose about 55 million
years ago
• Fossil evidence from this same time reveals
changes in Earth’s flora
– greater diversity of plants, likely with different
The Genes Responsible for Vision
• The Drosophila eyeless gene
The mouse Pax 6 gene
– “Master control” for the development/formation
of eyes
– Mutation can cause ocular defects, producing
creatures with small eyes or no eyes at all