Logos_ Ethos_ Pathos - Forest Hills High School

Learning Target: How can Logos,
ethos, pathos be used as
persuasion techniques.
Warm Up: Define Logos, ethos, pathos
What is Rhetoric?
 Rhetoric: is the study of effective speaking and
writing. Basically, it is the art of persuasion. It is the
art of using language to communicate effectively
and persuasively.
 How do we persuade people to do what we want
them to do?
 Persuasion is brought about through three kinds of
proof, or persuasive appeal:
 Logos :Appeal to reason
 Pathos: Appeal to emotion
 Ethos: Appeal to one’s character
The goal of argumentative writing is to persuade
your audience that your ideas are valid, or more
valid, than someone else's.
 The Greek philosopher Aristotle divided the means of
persuasion into three categories:
 Logos
& Ethos
 Logos: often uses numbers, facts, graphs, or logical
 Usually most persuasive form of persuasion!
 Example: If you wanted to persuade your parents to buy
you a cell phone, you could say:
 “A recently study proves that teenagers who do not have
cell phones are ten times more likely to do drugs because
they are not in communication with their parents."
 Would that make a good argument?
Just Plain Logic
 Logos (Logical) means persuading by the use of
reasoning. This will be the most important technique we ll
study, and Aristotle's favorite.
 Giving reasons is the heart of argumentation and cannot
be emphasized enough.
Logos At Work
 By combining cesium and dihydro-oxide in laboratory
conditions, and capturing the released energy, ACME has
promised to lead the way into the future. Our energy source is
clean, safe, and powerful. No pollutants are released into the
atmosphere. The world will soon have an excellent source of
clean energy.
 ACME is currently working towards a patent on our process.
Our scientists are exploring ways to use the process in cars,
houses, airplanes, and almost anything else that needs power.
ACME batteries will be refitted with small dihydro-cesium
reactors. Once the entire world is powered by ACME's
generators, we can all relax and enjoy a much easier life.
 Pathos: appeal to emotions: fear, anger, happines.
 Very effective manner of persuasion
 Example: See pictures around the room. Pathos Works!
 Chances are you only learn from teachers who make
you feel something in class rather than teachers who
bore you with facts in a monotone voice.
Pathos (Emotional) means persuading by
appealing to the reader's emotions.
 We can look at texts ranging from classic essays to
contemporary advertisements to see how pathos
(emotional appeals) are used to persuade.
 Language choice affects the audience's emotional
response, and emotional appeal can effectively be used
to enhance an argument.
Cesium-Based Reactor Kills!
A baby turtle breaks free from the leathery shell of its egg, catching its first
glimpse of its first sunrise. It pauses a moment to rest, unaware of the
danger that lies so close to it. As the tide comes in, approaching the nest,
it also approaches a small pile of metal - cesium. The water draws closer
and closer, the turtle unsuspecting of the danger. Finally, the water
touches the cesium.
The nest is torn to bits in the resulting explosion, destroying even more of
an endangered species.
Why does this happen? One name: Acme.
Acme Gizmotronics is supporting a dihydro-cesium reactor, trying, in their
anthrocentrism, to squeeze energy out of such destructive explosions.
And, they are dumping waste cesium onto the shores of their island,
threatening the environment. Studies have shown that the dihydrocesium reactor will destroy the island's ecosphere in less than four months!
How can they get away with this?
Costa Rica (where the island is near) has lax environmental laws,
allowing Acme to do whatever they want - including destroy
Cesium-Based Reactor Kills!
Costa Rica (where the island is near) has lax environmental laws, allowing
Acme to do whatever they want - including destroy endangered species.
What can you do about this?
Don't let them get away with it! Boycott Acme products! And call your
representatives, and tell them you support stricter legislation to prevent
things like this!
 Ethos: Usually the writer or speaker will be an authority, and
presents him/herself as credible, trustworthy, and honest.
 When there is an appeal to your good character is used to
 Example: There are many ways to show off your character
or expertise: correct grammar, high vocabulary, and
explaining extensive background knowledge on a subject.
 *Yoo probabley woudnt lissen to a english teacher if he
wroat licke this.
 Bottom line: if you don’t sound like you know what you’re
talking about, no one will listen.
Ethos (Credibility), or ethical appeal, is a
means of convincing a listener by showing
your credentials.
 We tend to believe people whom we respect.
 One of the central problems of argumentation is to
project an impression to the reader that you are
someone worth listening to as well as someone who is
likable and worthy of respect.
 Why would you listen to Kobe Bryant speak about
basketball over someone off the street?
Ethos in Action
Acme Gizmotronics, the company that you've trusted for over 100
years, has recently entered the World Wide Web! Now you can
purchase our fine products through the Internet. Our quality
gizmos, widgets, and thingamabobs can be shipped to you within
minutes. All come with the famous lifetime guarantee that makes
Acme the company that the world depends on for it's gizmo
Our spokesperson, Mr. Coyote says, "I'm not really a coyote,
but I play one on TV. I've used Acme products for years. Their
slingshots, rocket launchers, crowbars, pogo sticks, and power
pills are the best around. And don't forget their high-powered
dynamite! I buy everything from Acme. They are the company
that I trust the most.”
ACME is currently supporting research into a form of clean,
ultra-efficient, cesium-based power that promises to usher in a
new period of cheap, globally available power. Based on a small
island off the coast of Costa Rica, ACME Technology Research is
one of our most significant divisions.