Happy valentine*s day!

Logos, Ethos and Pathos
1. Sign up for your favorite Arak essay. Four
students may be assigned to each essay.
2. Take out Rhetorical Analysis Prompt and
prepare questions regarding this assignment
3. Peer groups: We will count off by 7. At the
end of class, you will have time to meet with
your group and exchange information.
Employ ethos, pathos, and logos in a letter to your
imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend. Also refer to the strategies
on p 55-56.
• Long distance relationship
• High school sweethearts
• One person is majoring in chemical engineering, the
other in ceramics
• Both love black and white movies
• One person is going out a lot and meeting new people,
the other has a small group and prefers quieter activities
• One person lives on a co-ed floor, the other lives in a
same-sex building
• Both hate people who talk during movies, early classes
and refrigerated peanut butter
• Exchange your letter with a peer.
Place an E, P or L next to the
strategies used by your partner.
Identify any of the other strategies
your partner may have referred to
from page 55-56. Finally, examine
the checklist on p 102-3 of the Allyn
and Bacon to complete a rhetorical