Year 5 Residential Presentation

Rock UK Adventures centres are
Christians passionate about developing
young people, bringing adventure into
learning and using the outdoors to
transform lives.
It is well known that residential courses organised by
schools are becoming increasingly invaluable as part of the
National Curriculum. The Government has stated the
beneficial effects of learning outside the classroom and the
impact this has on a child’s progress that such courses
provide. Learning outside the classroom offers new and
exciting challenges, children will learn to work together as a
team, develop independence, confidence and an ability to
recognise strengths and weaknesses in a constructive way.
The value of giving children the opportunity to try out new
activities cannot be underestimated.
Accommodates 40 people in 11 bedrooms.
Each bedroom has showers, washbasins
and mix of single and bunk beds. Some
toilets situated on landing.
Room sizes vary from 2 – 5.
Children are more than welcome
to make suggestions on who they
would like to share with. However,
the final decision will be up to Miss
The children will be provided with food and drinks
when required, but they will be expected to make
their owned packed lunches daily.
They will have a hot evening meal served in the
dining hall.
• 58 Acres of beautiful,
mature, enclosed woodland
• Accommodation for up to
• Catering or Self-Catering as
offered at all our residential
• Dining Hall
• Kitchen
• Drying room
Local shop
Climbing wall
BMX track
Archery field
Indoor Swimming Pool
High Ropes Course
Floodlit all-weather sports
• Located in the heart of the
Garden of England
Swimming pool
Sports pitch
Abseiling / Climbing
Coached by an instructor from
the top of our purpose-built
towers, students learn to control
their descent as they travel to
the ground. This activity develops
students' trust in other people as
well as confidence in their own
The rudiments of this very
popular activity are quickly
learned using junior bows and 1.3m
targets. This activity develops
self-discipline, concentration and
co-ordination skills.
High Ropes
The children will work as a team,
challenge themselves, move outside
their comfort zone or simply enjoy a
laugh with mates.
The courses have wires to walk on, a
platform to jump from, poles to
scale, places to balance and all in a
safe environment high above the
The instructors will engage with
your group providing a safe
environment for challenge and
Combine fun with learning new
skills and developing existing ones
during this session utilising 3
purpose built on-site tracks.
Receive instruction on various
biking skills according to the
groups needs.
Please note – it is advisable for
participants to be able to ride a