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Plant-a-Tree Rewards

Develop a positive relationship with your customers and employees by doing something great for the planet

— together!

Plant-A-Tree Rewards are an affordable, easy and effective way to make a meaningful connection.

This eco-friendly reward gives recipients the ability to plant a tree in their choice of over

50 reforestation projects around the globe

, including the

United States.

Powered by Treecycler, the platform is a fun and inviting site that combines branding, social media and sustainability

in one cross-channel promotion that actively engages the user. Consumers can feel good about preserving the planet by planting a tree in one of the many global reforestation projects available.

Give the ability to give back with Plant-A-Tree Rewards.


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Why Choose Plant-a-Tree Rewards?

An incredibly valuable reward,

the gift of a tree planting can be used to target a wide demographic

and works for customers, employees, prospects and beyond.

Show a brands

’ commitment to sustainability and is a simple way to help customers

“Go Green.”

Consumers will feel good about helping the Earth by having a tree planted in their name in the reforestation project of their choice.

With an interactive redemption experience, users are engaged and feel empowered by discovering a project and helping those in need.

Since users can choose the location to plant a tree, they have a deeper, emotional connection to the action.


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*Cone Cause Evolution Study

What is a Plant-a-Tree Card?

The Design

The front of the card features your logo and custom artwork printed in full color.

The Reward

The back of the reward card clearly displays the reward the user will receive.

The Website

This is the website address that users will visit to redeem their reward.

The Code

Users enter their unique reward code on the website and follow the on-screen instructions to redeem their reward.


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How It Works

Customers receive your offer via a branded card or product.

They visit the website provided and enter their reward code.

They select a project from the map where they would like to plant a tree.

A tree is planted courtesy of your brand.


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Branded User Experience

In a connected world,

branded user experience is everything

. By carrying branding throughout the process to redeem the reward, you can

extend your brand

’s presence

in every detail of the promotion.

By incorporating a fully skinned accompanying redemption experience, your company can

easily implement cross-channel touch points

in a

creative, layered campaign


The redemption website can be branded with your logo and messaging.

Redemption process can be optimized for most mobile devices and tablet computers.


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Beyond Cards

Digital Rewards work anywhere and everywhere. Super versatile, all you need is a code to deliver a successful solution for your brand.

Online Campaigns

– Cut costs even further and include reward codes in emails or provide them for completed online purchases or desired actions.

On Packaging

– Easy and inexpensive to implement, codes can be printed within packaging, as a label on packages and beyond.

At The Register

– Reach customers at the transaction level by delivering codes on receipts or via Catalina coupons at the register.

Direct Mail

– When you print codes on direct mail, the total cost of a rewards campaign could be less than the cost of shipping any other item.


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Use Studies

Brand Reward Program


Customer Rewards



Treecycler codes were an easy way for Kellogg

’s® to help give customers the ability to take a small step toward making the world a better place. After the Treecycler code was redeemed, recipients could share that they planted their tree courtesy of Kellogg

’s on their choice of social networks, greatly extending the brand

’s reach.

Easy integration

— no complicated tech requirements

Works with programs of any size and scope

Offers instant gratification upon redemption

Customers enjoy being able to give back on behalf of a brand


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Event Giveaway


Event Handout


Distilled Spirits

Sierra Nevada® was looking for an easy, fun and ecofriendly giveaway for attendees of Earth Day San Diego, the largest free annual environmental fair in the world.

They chose to provide cards with Treecycler codes to visitors of their booth because it was a simple way to distribute cards to the thousands of Earth Day attendees.

Cards are compact and lightweight

They are a cost-effective way to distribute rewards

Eco-friendly materials are available

Easiest way to deliver rewards for many promotions


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eBilling Conversion


eBilling Enrollment



Distributing Treecycler codes digitally was an easy way for

Protection 1® to thank members who switched to the company

’s Auto-Pay service. This service reduces the use of natural resources, so giving customers the ability to plant a tree in a reforestation project as a thank you reward for switching over was a natural fit.

Easy execution and fast implementation

Zero delivery costs

Easily incent buyers with instant gift-with-purchase

Flexible solution to reward consumers for completing an action


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In Good Company

Digital Reward Cards have powered promotions for some of the world

’s most well-known and respected brands spanning all industries.


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