Chapter 4. Employee Involvement

Chapter 4 Employee
Motivate and inspire everyone to
be on the same page
Employees Needs and Wants
(Maslow’s Hierarchy)
Frederick Herzberg’s Theory
• Motivators: Recognition, responsibility,
achievement, advancement, and the work
• Hygiene Factors: Low salary, minimal
fringe benefits, poor working conditions, illdefined organizational policies, and
mediocre technical supervision.
Seek To Be Understood: Effective
Find time to communicate (2 way)
Ask motivational questions
Invite participation
Ask open questions
Listen more than you speak
Remember to ask lots of questions
Pay attention to nonverbal reaction
Stimulate thinking
Ref: Alexander Hiam, Motivational Management, Inspiring Your People for Maximum Performance, AMACOM (2003)
Empower the Team: Providing
Challenging Opportunities
Process improvement team
Cross-functional team
Natural work team
Self-directed team
Employee Suggestions: Using
Feedback to Motivate
Be progressive and regular
Remove fear
Keep it simple
Respond promptly
Reward the idea
Recognition and Reward: Creating an
Environment for Continuous
• Timing: Use recognition and rewards to
finish the job … not start it
• Recognize and reward EFFORT and
• Give credits where it is due, more does not
hurt, but less will.
• Resources: be innovative.
Empower People
• Give people tools to perform to their best
• Provide necessary resources