Post WWII - Effingham County Schools

Evaluate key post-World War II
developments of Georgia from 1945 to
-Georgia population changed from rural to
urban areas.
-Causes of the Great Depression
-The need for industries to help with the war.
-Although rural population decreased from 85%
to 25% today
-Farming still brings 56 billion dollars
a year to Georgia.
-Became a major air and trucking hub
-Many businesses came to GA- Shipyards
& Bell Aircraft Company
-Although GA is still segregated during
the 1950s and 1960s
 African Americans began to gain civil
- “city too busy to hate”
GA became the 9th most populated state
in the nation.
-He brought air transportation to GA
-opening Atlanta’s 1st airport 1925
-Atlanta’s longest serving mayor
(1937-1941; 1942-1961)
-His support of civil rights kept Atlanta from
the racial violence that engulfed many other
southern cities.
-Built public parks and expanded Atlanta
expressway system
As mayor of Atlanta he continued Hartsfield’s
development policies.
His 1st day as mayor-He had all of the white and
“colored” signs from city hall and cafeteria
Best known for his support of bringing major
league sports teams to the city.
Brokered the deals to bring the Braves (1966),
Hawks (1968), and persuaded the NFL to start
the Atlanta Falcons (1967).
Atlanta Braves only team to
win a major championship. 1995
World Series
Brought 1000s of jobs and
millions of dollars to GA
 Governor
at the end of WWII that made
modernized changes to Georgia.
 He
abolished poll taxes, accreditation for
Universities systems, lowered the voting age
from 21 to 18, and created a board to
oversee the prison system.
 Played
a key role in the
“three governor’s controversy”.
Fight until someone is
Create a Describing bubble Map describing Post
WWII and the development of Georgia?