What is a Society

What is a Society
A society or a human
society is a group of
people related to each
other through
persistent relations
such as social status,
roles and social
an association or
connection between
two or more people
that may range from
fleeting (a short time)
to enduring (a long
Social Status
social status is the honor
or prestige attached to
one's position in society
(one's social position). It
may also refer to a rank or
position that one holds in a
group, for example son or
daughter, playmate, pupil,
or a social role is a set of
connected behaviors,
rights and obligations as
viewed by people in a
social situation. It is an
expected or changing
behavior and may have a
given individual social
status or social position.
Social Networks
is a social structure made
up of individuals (or
organizations) called
"nodes," which are tied
(connected) by one or
more specific types of
interdependency, such as
friendship, kinship,
common interest, financial
exchange, dislike, or
relationships of beliefs,
knowledge or prestige
More on Society
Human societies are
characterized by
patterns of
relationships between
individuals sharing a
distinctive culture and
The entire range of
customs, beliefs,
social forms and
material traits of a
religious, social or
racial group or in a
given time period.
Culture Also Means
the total of all knowledge,
experience, beliefs,
values, attitudes,
meanings, hierarchies,
religion, notions of time,
roles, and material objects
acquired by a group of
people in the course of
generations through
individual and group
are structures and
mechanisms of social
order and cooperation
governing the
behavior of a set of
individuals within a
given human group
Final Note
a society is a group of
individuals defined by the
bounds of functional
possibly comprising
characteristics such as
national or cultural
identity, social freedom,
language or hierarchical