AP Human Geography: Religion Project

AP Human Geography: Religion Project
Group Research Guide Sheet
Ms. Wildey
Topic Assigned: ____________________________
Please answer the following questions below about the religion assigned to you. Use these questions to guide
your research. Then develop a PowerPoint presentation that teaches the class the history and background of the
religion. Your presentations should be about 15 minutes long. Be sure to look over the Critique Form / Rubric
to see what you’re being graded on having in your presentation. Make sure multiple group members have the
1. Founder(s):
2. Area of the world this religion is mainly practiced:
3. Is this an ethnic or universalizing religion?
4. Number of members worldwide:
5. Major prophets/teachers of this religion.
6. Major beliefs of religion.
7. Beliefs in the after-life.
8. Religious symbols and their meaning.
9. Based on what you know of other religions, how would you compare and contrast this religion with