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KELLY ALVARES – Project Management Professional
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 Project Management Professional with expertise in Risk Management and Budgeting.
 Over 15 years of experience in various areas of the software development lifecycle: market analysis,
requirements gathering, product definition, application design & development, release planning,
project and program management.
 Proficient with Software Tools for use with Business Applications: Microsoft Project, Visio,
SharePoint, Excel and PowerPoint.
 Experienced leading and communicating with cross-functional internal and external teams, executives
within the company as well as with Enterprise Clients.
 Functional areas include, Content Management and Document Management Systems, Payments
Fraud Detection & Risk Management, Cloud computing, Financial & Investment Management, Order
Processing, Contract Management, Revenue Recognition systems.
Education and Certifications:
Certified in Project Management (PMP) by PMI.
Certified in Product Management by Pragmatic Marketing.
Certified Professional Facilitator (MG RUSH a division of Morgan Madison & Company)
Master of Computer Applications (MCA), Goa University, Goa, India.
Work Experience and Services Offered:
Technology/Business Consultant – EquiCore Consulting
April 2013 to Present
Development of Core Alignment Process Model.
Risks and Issues Management:
o Interview project members and other stakeholders to identify risks and issues.
o Prioritize risks, create mitigation strategies and contingency plans and actively manage
mitigations to prevent Risks from turning into Issues.
o Manage and monitor Issues and it's impact to project constraints (scope, schedule, budget
and quality)
o Create and manage project budgets.
o Monitor cost variances and manage financial impact caused by changes to scope, schedule,
resources and other external factors.
Project Management: Scope, Scheduling, Stakeholder Management.
o Manage collection and documentation of product requirements and project scope,
assumptions and constraints.
o Report on project status, including scope, cost and schedule variances, risks and issues.
o Scheduling and Resource management including leveling and appropriate resource
o Ensure project is aligned with stakeholder expectations as well as with Core vision, purpose
and values of the organization.
Product Management
o Requirements gathering and documentation.
o Manage traceability of specifications and design back to product requirements.
o Manage changes to product scope.
Meeting and Workshop Facilitation
Kelly Alvares | 925-272-9021 |
EquiCore Consulting
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Business Solutions Consultant - Documentum, Chevron
Financial Analyst and Risk Manger for Documentum Upgrade; a project to upgrade a highly
customized and unsupported version of Documentum. (Budget of $20 Million, spanning 2 years.)
Managed successful delivery of an initiative to improve performance and reliability of current
Documentum systems in parallel to upgrade efforts.
o Improved performance by 80% in key areas.
o Reduced cost of the project by 30% by prioritizing performance improvements and optimizing
resources on the project.
Responsible for developing processes for efficient solution delivery and maintenance of the
Documentum Product.
Manage all projects within the Documentum Program, including upgrades to related solutions for
scanning and web publishing and integration with 3rd party and in-house solutions like Document
Control and other information processing systems.
Managed a project to stabilize Documentum infrastructure, involving monitoring, disaster recovery,
database optimization and other reliability efforts.
Senior Product Manager - Risk Products, Paypal
July 2011 to April 2013
August 2010 to June 2011
Responsible for defining and implementing a data strategy for Paypal’s next-generation Fraud
Detection platform to support the development and deployment of risk models.
Initiated thought leadership in the area of delivering the platform “as-a-service” model.
Provided cross-functional leadership in addressing security, data and operational issues in the Risk
Analytics and Development environment.
Delivered product requirements document for enhancements to a fraud detection model simulation
Performed extensive research in the area of Event driven and Realtime Datawarehousing.
Product Manager - Cloud Products, Savvis Inc.
December 2008 to August 2010
SAVVIS provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud, managed and complex IT hosting services.
Accomplishments include;
 Successfully managed the roadmap and prioritized features for product releases based on key
metrics like competitive necessity, market & customer impact, revenue and executive management in
order to align with product and overall company strategy.
 Defined clear and concise market & product requirements (MRD & PRD) for network, security,
compute and storage components of the Cloud product built on a fully automated and virtualized
 Performed competitive market analysis and research advancements in cloud technology.
 Collaborated with sales and business development and customers to prioritize and introduce key
customer requirements into the product.
 Successfully lead a team of User Interface designers and web developers to develop a compelling
user interface for the Cloud Product.
 Successfully planned and manage deliverables, resource dependencies and schedules.
 Defined the user experience, created wireframes, assisted with technical design and integration with
other product components, provided input for creation of QA test plans.
Kelly Alvares | 925-272-9021 |
EquiCore Consulting
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Product Manager, Advisor Software, Inc.
February 2007 to October 2008
ASI develops software solutions for financial institutions and advisors, to deliver investment advice. These
include applications like Client Acquisition, Portfolio Rebalancing, Self-Directed Investor Solutions and Wealth
Management. As Product Manager for Wealth Manager. My Accomplishments were;
 Defined clear and concise functional as well as technical product requirements based on in-house
research, innovation, client’s business requirements, market evidence and market impact.
 Communicated with the research and product development teams to validate product specifications,
align them with product requirements and coordinate delivery of features.
 Communicated with clients to understand technical / infrastructural limitations and requirements and
resolve integration issues.
 Collaborated with architects and business representatives on both internal as well as external teams
to gather technical requirements and resolve integration issues with respect to design and enterprise
 Documented operational procedure for transferring and integrating financial data for input into the
analytic engine.
Past Experience:
Senior Java Engineer, Advisor Software, Inc.
Senior Java Engineer,
Software Engineer, Redi2 Technologies.
Software Consultant, Manakkal & Associates
Software Engineer, diCarta Inc.,
Software Engineer, Cadabra.
April 2006 to February 2007
Jan 2004 to April 2006
May 2003 to December 2003
May 2001 to April 2003
November 1999 April 2001
June 1999 to Nov 1999
Skills Inventory:
Soft Skills
Proficient in Microsoft
Excel, PowerPoint,
Project, Visio, SharePoint.
Problem Solving and
Decision Making.
Mentoring, Coaching
Team Player & Individual
Strategic Planning
Team Building
Java and related
programming languages
and frameworks.
Influential & Ethical
Meeting Management
and Facilitation
Relationship Oriented
and Results Oriented
Communication &
Integrity & Honesty
Active Listening
Cultural Diversity
Kelly Alvares | 925-272-9021 |