50 Ideas For Your Class Webpage - e

As classrooms move toward blended learning or the flipped classroom, the teacher's webpage can play a
big part in “after school” help for students and parents.
The webpage, either classroom- or grade-level, can be designed to include numerous items that are
helpful to parents, community members, and students. It provides a place for parents to go after hours to
view information about homework assignments, calendar of events, classroom pictures, study links, and
Now you may ask “What do I put on a classroom webpage?” Below are suggestions to use for designing a
classroom webpage that fits the needs of your school and classroom.
Picture of your Class
Picture of the School
Photo Gallery
Parent Volunteer Pictures
Parent Volunteer Information
Teacher Information – “Meet Your Classroom Teacher”
Class Mission Statement
Homework Information and Assignments
Spelling Lists and Vocabulary Words
10. Behavior Plans
11. Classroom Calendar of Events, Monthly Calendar
12. Parent Classroom Information
13. Student Drawings
14. Supply List
15. Class Videos – (Use an iPad to make a quick video)
16. Field Trip Events
17. Newscasts (created by students)
18. Record a student reading a passage from a book….Title: Guess the Book!
19. List of Reading Books
20. Links to Research Sites
21. Links to Reading, Writing, Math and Social Studies Interactive Sites
22. Link to your Moodle Page
23. List of iPad Apps used in the Classroom
24. Link to Common Core Standards
25. Snow Day Assignments
26. Practice Worksheets
27. Multiplication Tables
28. FAQ Section
29. Podcasts
30. Class News – Star of the Week
31. PowerPoint Presentations - (Classroom Lessons)
32. Math Tips of the Month
33. Weekly Schedule
34. Classroom and School Tour
35. Newsletters
36. Help Me Section
37. Videos – ( How to solve math problems)
38. Math and Science Vocabulary Words
39. Student Handbook
40. Extra Credit
41. How to be a Better Reader Information
42. Addition & Subtraction Facts
43. Lunch Menu & Prices
44. Weather Forecast Link
45. School District Calendar
46. Geography Lessons of the Week
47. Flashcards
48. Class Rules
49. Literacy Links
50. Classroom Grading Guidelines