Lesson study FAQ

Lesson study FAQ
Getting groups together
 How big do the groups need to be?
No less than three and no larger than 7?
 Do we have to use technology in our research lesson?
We encourage you to integrate, and we will help you with this?
 Does it have to be a math and/or science lesson?
Planning the meetings
 What if I don’t know my fall schedule? How can I plan the calendar of
research lesson preparation meetings?
If you don’t know your fall calendar yet, you’ll have to step back with your team
and plan arrange a planning meeting. Commit to as many dates as possible with
what you think the calendar will be and turn in your planning schedule with the
caveat that there will be changes coming and you have scheduled a planning
meeting to make those changes and keep the AIMS facilitator informed.
Planning the research lesson
 How much time do we have to meet before we deliver the lesson?
It depends on your group, but we anticipate at least eight hours of planning prior
to the delivery of one research lesson.
 How does the lesson get started?
Typically, one teacher has a lesson that they have already done or want to modify
and that is used as the starting point. That is, this should be a lesson that they are
interested in researching.