Mentorship Program Life Cycle Step 1 – Submit Profile Step 2

Mentorship Program Life Cycle
o Step 1 – Submit Profile
o Step 2 – Profile Review
 Email Welcome
 Set Expectations
o Step 3 – Tracking Report
 Contact Info
 Activity/Status
o Step 4 – Match Team (Conference Call
o Step 5 – Communication
 Propose Partner
 Confirm Interest
 Obtain Resume
o Step 6 – Launch Call
 Personal Introduction
 Review Objectives
 Answer Questions
 Reference Guide
o Step 7 – Mentoring
o Step 8 – 90-Day Follow Up
 Obtain Feedback
 Update Tracking Report
o Step 9 – Success!
 Promotion
 Newsletter
Name: Benjamin Pease
Employer: Student
o Major-Health Policy and Administration, Minor- Labor and Employer
o Vice President of Penn State Future Health Executives (FHE)
o Undergraduate Awards Committee Student Representative
o Association of Certified Fraud Examiners- Student Member
Permanent: 316 North Homestead Drive, Landisville, PA 17538
School: 818 Bellaire Ave, State College, PA 16801
[email protected]
(717) 669-7120
B.S. Health Policy and Administration (Expected May 2012)
Minor in Labor Employer Relations
Years of Healthcare Experience
12 week Summer Internship at HealthMarkets, Inc. in North Richland
Hills, Texas
List the Principle Responsibilities of Your Most Senior Position
o Penn State FHE Vice President Coordinate meetings and fundraisers for Penn State FHE
 Communicate with 15 other members and President of club
Describe the Area of Expertise for Your Mentor
List Types of Organizations You Have Worked In
What are Your Goals for This Relationship?
What Characteristics are You Looking For In a Mentor/Mentee?
Mentorship Agreement
The following agreement outlines the mentoring partnership between:
This agreement will begin:
And end:
Identify key skills to be developed:
The primary role of the mentor is to:
The primary role of the mentee is to:
Indicate how and when progress will be reviewed and evaluated:
Indicate the frequency, nature, location and duration of the meetings:
Indicate the date and time of the first meeting:
Indicate your expectations with respect to confidentiality of information shared:
At the conclusion of the agreement, how you will know the mentoring
relationship was successful?
We agree to abide by this relationship, the policies and procedures of the
mentoring initiative and the organization. We also agree to a no-fault conclusion
of this relationship if, for any reason it seems appropriate.