Motion and Design Test 1 Study Guide (answers

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Motion and Design (test 1) Study Guide Answers
1. What are 3 types of force? Magnetism, Gravity, Friction
Define the following terms and be able to explain them in situations:
2. Gravity- a pull that attracts objects to each other. The greater the mass an object has, the greater effect gravity
will have on it.
3. Magnetism- a force that acts at a distance and cannot be seen.
4. Friction- the force that opposes the motion between two surfaces that are touching. Without friction, it would
be very hard to slow or stop the motion of objects.
5. Speed- how fast and object is moving. Can be measured in miles per hour, kilometers per hour, or distance per
6. Direction- course or path an object is moving
7. Position- the location relative to another object (reference point)
8. Lubrication- reduces friction by making surfaces smoother. Examples: motor oil, wax, or grease
9. List position words
Above, below, beside, ahead of, under, behind, across, in, inside
10. List direction words
North, South, West, East, right, left, forward, toward, up, down
11. Draw a picture of 2 magnets repelling.
12. Draw a picture of 2 magnets that attract.
13. What happens when objects get closer to the poles? The closer the objects, the greater the magnetic force
14. What happens to two objects with little or no friction? It would be very hard to slow or stop the motion of
15. What happens to objects with a lot of friction? It would be easy to slow or stop the motion of objects
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16. Label the following distance/speed graph pictures
Slower, constant speed
Fastest speed
Stopped object