Assignment: Law 2 Name:

Assignment: Law 2
Click on this link to go to the opening page for Forces in 1 Dimension.
Click on the Run Now button and let the application load (it may take up to a minute.)
In this simulation you will click and drag on the object you are trying to move to apply
forces (the object will move when you have enough force)
1. Play with the simulation until you create a situation where there are 3 different
colored arrows in the diagram. Write the label for each arrow and explain what
each represents.
2. Select each of the Objects in turn and complete the following chart.
Then makeup two of your own objects, include the mass and determine a
reasonable amount of force needed considering what you learned about the
other objects. (Note: you will not be able to test your own objects, but you should
still be able to scientifically theorize what numbers you would expect to get.)
File Cabinet
Sleepy Dog
Mass of object
Applied Force needed to move
3. Now turn off friction on the page (little box on the right) and apply some forces to
the various objects. Make observations and record them here.
4. Describe what you have to do to stop the objects with friction.
5. Describe what you have to do to stop the objects without friction.
Assume that you are a teacher presenting a lab. Devise a systematic method (design a
lab) to determine how force, mass and motion are related in a face-face classroom
(Note: this is not a quick write-up. You must think of all elements involved in a lab.)
6. Give a complete description of your lab.
 What would you need?
 What methods would you use?
 Where will you conduct the lab?
 How will you measure everything?
 What other factors are there to consider?
 What instructions would you need to give participants?
7. Create an organized format to show all data that will be collected. This could be
a chart, diagram or series of questions that determine the type of data you would
expect participants to learn from your lab.