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Test Review Ch 6
1. A 1000 N crate rest on the floor. How much work is required to move it at a
constant speed (a) 5 m along the floor with a friction force of 200 N and (b) 5 m
2. A box of mass 5 kg is accelerated from rest across a floor at a rate of 2 m/s^2 for
7 sec. Find the net work done on the box.
3. A wheel barrow is pushed along the ground 10 m with an applied force of 100 N.
If the force is applied along the handle, which makes a 45 angle with the
horizontal how much work is done?
4. At an accident scene on a level road, investigators measure a car’s skid mark to be
88m long. The coefficient of friction on the road is .37. What was the drivers
speed when he slammed on his breaks?
5. A pump is to lift 18 kg of water per minute through a height of 3.6 m. What
output rating in Watts should the motor pump have? What should it have in hp?
6. Problem # 40 (if you are using the 5th ed) #43(if you are using the 6th ed)
7. Review all previous homework problems.