Practice Quiz on Bacteria - Varga

Practice Quiz/Questions on Bacteria
1. Name three ways bacteria are helpful.
2. What is the function of the flagellium?
3. Explain the process of binary fission. Is binary fission sexual or asexual
4. Why are Archaebacteria classified into their own separate domain?
5. What type of DNA do bacteria have?
6. Draw the three shapes of bacteria.
7. What is the cause of chains or clusters?
8. When would bacteria want to form a spore?
9. What does a spore contain?
10. If DNA is transferred from one cell to another, what type of DNA exchange is
11. In transformation, where do bacteria get the fragments of DNA from?
12. What is happening in the stationary phase?
13. Why does the death (decline) phase occur?
1. food, digestion, biochemical cycles
2. Movement
3. Have replication of DNA, cell membrane grows and expands, have formation of
septum, cleavage and division of cell into two separate cells. It is asexual; both
cells are genetically identical
4. They have different proteins that make up their cell membrane.
5. Single-stranded circular DNA.
6. Spherical, rod, spiral.
7. Incomplete division of cells during binary fission.
8. Thick
9. Gram negative
10. In harsh environments, when facing a threat
11. Only the cell’s essential genes and proteins
12. conjugation
13. dead cells or cells that have lysed
14. running out of resources; food, nutrients
15. Build up of toxins no new food source or resources
16. Inhibit protein synthesis, cell wall synthesis, and nucleic acid synthesis