Name: Date: Surveying Unit Test Directions: Read each number

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Date: ____________________________
Surveying Unit Test
Directions: Read each number completely and then circle the letter “T” if the statement is true
and “F” if the statement is false for your answer.
1. T
A factor to consider when putting in a terrace type is if it cost effective.
2. T
Elevation rods are 15’ in length.
3. T
Length of a terrace is 2000-2200 feet.
4. T
One of the steps to laying out a terrace is to determine the slope.
5. T
The three types of terraces are broad-based, bench and stair step.
6. T
When laying out terraces, the rod will move 100’ in the general direction of the
Directions: Read each question and then write your answer in a complete sentence in the space
provided. Be sure to answer each question fully.
7. List four sources of error for reading an elevation rod with the dumpy level.
8. What are the two sources for soil erosion?
9. What state has the most wind erosion in the US?
10. List the three terrace types.
Directions: The following section contains multiple choice questions. Please read each question
and mark your answer to the right of the number in the blank provided.
11. ________ WPA stands for:
a. Work in Politics America
b. Work Project Administration
c. World Progress Administration
d. World Project Administration
12. ________ Contour farming with a small slope will have:
a. Large spacing
b. Medium spacing
c. Small spacing
d. Whatever spacing you want.
13. ________ Mulching is ______________% effective form of control.
a. 58-69%
b. 68-79%
c. 78-89%
d. It is not effective.
14. ________ Control for wind erosion that rotates soil and brings the moist soil to the top
is called:
a. Geo-Textile
b. Sand fighting
c. Vegetative barriers
d. Wind break
15. ________ The dust bowl was a time of depression and drought brought about because:
a. It’s all the governments fault. (HINT- don’t pick me)
b. People did not farm.
c. People OVER utilized the land.
d. People UNDER utilized the land.
16. ________ An elevation rod is made out of:
a. Ceremic
b. Fiber glass
c. Wood
d. Both b & c
17. ________ My name is John Doe and I have recently bought a house in the country. I like
to farm, but I have a slight problem (sheet erosion) with water erosion in the area on my
land which I would want to plant my crops. I am looking for the most cost effective
process to help solve my problem. I want to utilize all my land, so how can I solve this
a. Bench terrace
b. Broad based terrace
c. Mulching
d. Waterways
18. ________ What type of terrace is used quite often in farming rice fields?
a. Bench
b. Broad based
c. Contour Farming
d. Flat Channel
19. ________ Which of the following is a factor to consider when considering putting in
terraces on your land?
a. The level of erosion.
b. How big the slope is or elevation difference
c. Rainfall expected
d. All of the above.
20. ________ When laying out terraces to determine placement you will take a reading at:
a. The highest point
b. The lowest point.
c. The middle point
d. Where you will place the level.
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BONUS: Be detailed in answers.
What did WPA do?
How do you figure your pace?