Souly Chheu Grade 7
1. What is a computer? DESCRIBE it.
A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information.
2. What are the major components of a computer system? EXPLAIN them
The hard drive is the major component of a computer system because that’s where we
store our important stuff in it.
3. What are some examples of other components that you can get with a computer but
are not considered major components: LIST two
The headphone and the CD player.
4. Describe the function of an input device and list 4 examples.
Input devices are computer components with the help of which we enter programs,
data etc. into the computer. The 4 examples are the keyboard, mouse, trackball, and
light pen.
5. Describe the function of an output device and list 4 examples.
Computer output devices are used to provide information for a user in different forms.
The 4 examples are visual, audio, CPU and digital
6. Name six components that are found inside the case of a computer and give a quick
explanation of what they do.
The six components that are found inside the case of a computer are; Drive Bayswhich is a standard-sized area for adding hardware to a computer, Power SupplyWhich is a device that supplies electrical energy to one or more electric loads, Case
fan- Which is any fan inside, or attached to, a computer case used for cooling
purposes, Video Card- Which is an expansion card which function is to generate
output images to a display, Modem- Which is a device that modulates an analog
carrier signal to encode digital information, and a Sound Card- Which is an internal
computer expansion card that sends the input and output of audio signals to and from a
7. Describe the CPU and it’s important to a computer system
The CPU is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place. The CPU is
important to a computer system because without the CPU we wouldn’t know when the
battery of our computer will die.
8. List, describe, and collect a picture for at least 4 different mediums that one can use to
store information from a computer.
 Hard Drive: A store memory carrier that has a huge size of which you put
things in.
 Flash Drive: A store memory carrier that has small amount of memory but it is
convenience to take place to place because it is really light to carry.
 IPhone: A device that can stores songs, videos, and etc, also you can call
unlike iPod.
 IPod: A device that works the same as a phone but you can’t call with the
9. ANSWER the Unit Question, in your own words.
It is important to know how a computer works because it can help you how the
computer works.
Technology 12/5/12
Souly Chheu Grade 7
10. Include a bibliography
11. Identify and explore the problem, describe testing methods, design brief and design
CPU, motherboard, and power supply unit.
Technology 12/5/12