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CIT100 Computer Fundamentals and Applications
Project #1 (10 points for 10% of course grade)
***Due Date: by Midterm Exam date ***
This project assignment is for students to demonstrate their knowledge of computer components
and basic skills in word-processing and file management. Review “Concepts” chapter one and
Word chapter one in the textbook to help you work on the project. Create a single Word
document file that does the following two parts (2 pages, one part on each page).
Part I (7 points):
Find and list the following system information about the computer you usually use in the sample
format given below. Use font Calibri and size 12 and single spacing. Make sure the data for each
item makes sense. Save the file as Project 1. This is page 1 of the Word file.
CPU: Intel Core i-5 CPU
Input devices: keyboard, mouse, microphone, digital camera
Output devices: monitor, inkjet printer (HP5300)
Storage devices: hard drive (1TB), jump drives, DVD-RW
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium edition
Application Software: MS Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Outlook), TurboTax
Hint: To find important system information of Windows computers, do the following:
Click Start – find (My) Computer – Right-click My Computer – Click Properties.
Part II (3 points):
On page 2 of the project file, write three short paragraphs of about 50-80 words each explaining
the importance of computers to one’s life, education, and work respectively in the modern
society. Use one paragraph for each of the three bolded topics. Give examples to explain your
opinion. Type your full name at the end. Insert page numbers. Check your spelling and grammar
before printing.
1. Print out the two parts of your completed Project 1; staple them together.
2. Print or handwrite your full name, course and section numbers, Project #1 on top right hand of
the first page.
3. Submit the 2-page printout by the due date. Save a copy of the file for your own record.
Created and copyrighted by Professor Wang