Germany Project - Mr. Schilling's Classroom

Mr. Schilling’s 4th period
By: Makiyah Utley ,Symphoni Tolbert
Of Government
form of government in which a central
government operates all levels of
government in a country.
form of government based on voluntary
agreement under which separate countries
that work together.
a form of government in which power is
divided between a central government and
smaller divisions, such as states.
government that is by a few.
democratic form of government requiring a
vote by all.
government with a single ruler with
unlimited power.
 Absolute
authority in any sphere.
form of government in which power resides
in the people.
 The
titular head of nation as distinct from
the head of the government.
Is a generic term used for either the highest or
second highest, official in the executive
branch of sovereign state.
 Is
system of democratic governance of a
state in which the executive branch derives
it’s democratic legitimacy form.
system of government in which powers of
the president are constitutionally separate
from those of the legislature
 Political
System and Government
 Adolf
Hitler 1933- 1945
 {1889-1945
Adolf Hitler was the leader of
Dictatorial leader of the national Socialist
workers party, Nazi’s party.
 Police
registration form
 (Proof of identity (passport)
 Proof of residency in the country for a
minimum of three months
 Freedom
of Speech
 Freedom of Press
 Freedom of Assembly
 Custody
 Torture
 What
is it?
 an association of European nations formed in
1993 for the purpose of achieving political
and economic integration.
 Austria,
Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech
Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,
Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the
Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the
United Kingdom
 Its
territory stretches from the North Sea and
the Baltic in the north to the Alps in the
south and is traversed by some of Europe's
major rivers such as the Rhine, Danube and