Introduction to Earth Science

Introduction to Earth Science
Mrs. Reyna
Why do we study Earth Science?
• I want you to develop an educated opinion
• Go to our class website:
• Click on “Earth Science”
• Find the article for today
Today’s Reading Strategy
• Read the introduction to the article. Scroll through the text and notice
the bold blue sentences. Spend 8 minutes reading through the first 3
• One scratch paper, write:
• 1 sentence
• 1 phrase
• 1 word
• That best describes what Earth Science is.
• This is your summary to share with your group.
• Each student will share their sentence, then phrase and then word.
What is Earth Science to you?
• Who can share their sentence?
• Who can share their phrase?
• Who can share their word?
Splash Board
Earth Science is…
• Geology-the study of Earth
• Oceanography-the study of the ocean
• Meteorology-the study of the atmosphere and the processes that
produce weather
• Astronomy-the study of the universe
• Make a foldable on the 4 branches of earth science. Due today.