File - SNC2D Biology

Tissues, Organs and Systems of Living Things
Unit Guiding Questions:
1. How are biological systems organized, and how can our understanding of this hierarchical organization (cells, tissues, organs, and systems) help us to evaluate the
development of medical technology related to systems biology?
2. What are the social and ethical implications associated with new developments in medical technology and how do these implications impact our everyday lives?
The nucleus is the control
center of the cell
Cells Contain Organelles
Issues in Biotechnology Activity
Comparing Cells Inquiry Investigation
Unit Test # 1/2**
Cells come from other
cells and their lifecycle is
tightly controlled
Cell City analogy Activity
Cells are organized in a
hierarchical fashion, from
tissues to organs to body
Stem Cell Project
Unit Test # 1 **
Medical Imaging Activity
Changing pulse Activity
Tissue Sleuth Activity
Mitosis Investigation **
Denotes lab or project
Denotes STSE related activity
** Denotes Assessment OF Learning piece
When Mitosis goes wrong – Karyotyping Activity
The Cell Cycle and Cancer
Unit Test # 2 **
Unit Test # 2 **
Key Question
How do cells know what to
do and how does a single
cell become a full grown
multicellular organism?
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