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2014 Conference, “Beyond Tools”
The Men’s Shed Phenomenon
Probably the most significant
program to improve male wellbeing
in the last 50 years.
Sheds are “Grassroots”
Sometimes conflicting with
government ideas on how things
should be done.
(a healthy place to be)
Evolution from Establishment to
Mature Sustainability.
Simular to our individual lifecycle.
To remain relevant sheds must continue to evolve, or
risk slipping into this state.
Having a Shed to Go To ?
A Modern Version
of a
Key Drivers/Components
Working on common goals or projects.
The challenge of the building project.
Run out of jobs at home!
Wanting to get away from the list at
• Need to have Male companionship.
Key Drivers/Components
Replacement for an old work environment.
Need somewhere to get help with a job
Just bored with retirement
Getting ideas for your own projects
Every other towns got one so it must be
Which of these is possibly driving
shed you represent?
Time to think?
About 5% do!
Maybe any of these
BUT is it really the glue?
The Key to any successful shed is
Mateship and Companionship
Age is not the problem
Sometimes TOO many Words and we fail to hear!
Sometimes NO words and we get the message!
Approx 70% of Australian Men
Work in or from a Shed in their
Working Life.
Transport Depots
Food Processing
Fabrication Workshops
Airport Hangers
Timber Mills
Mineral Processors
Distribution Centre
Vehicle repairers
Animal Feed Lots
Baggage Handlers
Sheds Are comfortable, safe
MEN friendly, familiar,
places for most men.(70%)
Hospitals and Doctors surgeries
for most men seen as
uncomfortable, dangerous,
often MEN unfriendly,
Unfamiliar Places
A place to deliver wellbeing
awareness messages where Men
feel safe, in their shed!
(also in language they understand)
(don’t allow the “illness” talk overtake the purpose of the shed!)
MALE (Warriors)
Males tend to be social isolates when it comes to the big issues
• Personal health and safety
• Spiritual fulfillment
• Accepting advice from others
• Mentoring our young men
Sheds often bridge this problem
Summation of Men’s Shed Objectives!
• A comfortable place for Most men.
• All sheds are about “the wellbeing and
health of men”
• Activities of each shed vary (like work sheds)
• All have mentoring programs
• Not all have sheds to meet in. (It is the men
that are important not the shed)
Summary Points
• Largest male focussed group in
the country.
• Largest community
development group in the
Who and What is AMHF?
A group of passionate organisations and individuals
committed to having discussion on including
“SOCIAL DETERMINANTS” included in health
Social Determinants play a critical
role in the health outcomes for most
Why Do we Need AMHF?
About 95% of the health budget goes
on “Accident and Disease treatment.”
Improving Social Determinants
reduces treatment needs.
Why do you need AMHF?
AMHF supports good treatment
systems but wants a broader approach
to health care for all persons.
We focus on men because of the
poorer statistics for men.
What Can Men’s Sheds Do to
Support AMHF?
AMHF is self funding member based
Sheds or individuals can become
What Can Men’s Sheds Do to
Support AMHF?
Sheds are about altering “Social
(we have the same goals)
It is worth remembering...
“a problem shared is mostly a problem halved”
“Talk to a Mate”
• Our Partners/wives
• Parents
• Close friends (peers)
• Mentor friend (older person)
• Doctor
• Grandparents
• Priest/Minister
“Before it all gets too much”
It is now my pleasure to
declare this conference
“Thank you for the privilege