SENIOR Sheds , a division of SENIOR Steel , manufacture a range of welded frame sheds.

The Sheds are custom made to suit the clients individual requirements.

The Shed frames are manufactured from Galvanized RHS with CNC cut connecting plates and cleats. The rounded cut makes the frames easy to handle with no sharp corners and also gives a neat appearance.

Shed spans (width) up to 7.62m are made from 100 x 50 Galvanized


Shed spans up to 9.0m are made from 150 x 50 Galvanized RHS

The thickness of RHS varies for each shed.

Our Sheds are made with C-Section Galvanized purlins which are internally mounted in between the columns which increases your internal clearance.

Eg; a 6 metre wide/span shed has 5.8m between inside column to inside column.

This also makes it very easy to line the inside of the shed with cladding, plaster, plywood etc.

The option of Top Hat purlins is available if required.

Using Top Hats generally reduces the overall cost of the shed, but also reduces the internal dimensions of the shed as the top hats are fixed to the outside of the column.

Various footing methods are used.

The most economical method is columns cast into the ground, which is fine for sheds up to 3.0m in height.

Hold down cages (as shown) are recommended for higher sheds over


Chemical Anchor (Chemset) or screw bolt method can be used for sheds that are erected on concrete slabs.

A SENIOR Shed frame is a rigid frame and can be very easily erected by the customer.

The frame has enough strength to stand up alone (except in severe weather conditions).

Sheds can be delivered in stages as required by the customer if it is a self erect shed. Eg; frame first, then cladding, doors last.

There is no need to deliver the whole shed in one delivery.

Cladding for the sheds is supplied in the same thickness in both roof and walls.

The cladding is supplied in 0.42 bmt (base metal thickness) which is the same as 0.47 tct (total coated thickness.

Cladding can be rollformed through various suppliers which means we can offer feed from both Bluescope (Australian made) or

Alternate Manufacturers.

As Bluescope has registered names for its products, it can make it confusing when comparing Alernative brands. The following comparison table will assist.

Bluescope brands Alternate brands




Color cote or

Classis Color or

Color Coated

 Examples of the 8 most common colours are:


Pale Eucalypt


Cottage Green

Manor Red

Woodland Grey

Surf Mist


Classic Cream


Mist Green


Caulfield Green

Heritage Red

Slate Grey

Off White


Smooth Cream

As SENIOR Steel is an accredited dealer for B & D Garage Doors and Openers we naturally recommend B & D Rollmasta doors for our sheds

You can upgrade to a genuine B & D Series 1 Rolladoor or B & D

Panelift or Panelmasta door if required.

Sliding Doors are available if required

 Our Roller Door mullions are welded with cleats, pre-drilled to make it very easy to mount the Roller Door mounting brackets and tracks.

Our one piece PA Doors are supplied with a one piece door frame.

If the exact location of the door is provided when the shed is ordered the cutting of purlins will not be required as purlins are bolted to the one piece frame.

The deluxe PA Door simply falls into the frame.

We hope this presentation explains the features of “SENIOR Sheds” which give you a very sturdy Shed, which are very easy to erect.

SENIOR Sheds can arrange for an erector to erect the shed for you if required, and can also provide a concreter as well.

 For further enquiries please phone of our sales offices,

 SENIOR Steel

– Shepparton

– Kinglake

5831 5411

5786 5411

 Or phone Rodney Senior direct on 0409 418 019