Host Family Orientation PowerPoint - Part 1

2015-16 Host Family Orientation
St. Paul Preparatory School
St. Paul Preparatory School
St. Paul Prep – Just the Facts
 What are we? 501(c)3 nonprofit private school established
by Nacel Open Door in 2003
 What is Our Mission? At SPP, we prepare our
international student body for success in a global society by
offering a college/university preparatory education,
comprehensive language instruction, and cultural exchange
 Who do we serve? Local and international students
interested in gaining an international cultural experience.
Since opening our doors in 2003, we have served more than
2,000 students representing over 35 countries and speaking
more than 30 languages.
Who are SPP Students?
 90% international
 All high school students ranging in age from 14-21
 Students coming from different school systems can be at
different levels depending on the requirements of the individual
countries and schools
 *Students are anxious and excited to:
 Learn and improve their English skills
 Discover and experience American culture
 Share their own culture with their new friends and family
 Become a part of your family