What to do if you can't balance

Accounting Cycle Review Problem
What to do if your trial balance does not match my trial balance
Note: You have an UNADJUSTED TRIAL BALANCE included in your directions to use to check
your work against after you complete the regular journal entries for January on pg 187 of your book;
Check EACH LINE ITEM on the answer key in your attachment against your trial balance that you printed
out from QuickBooks….. Do not just compare the totals at the bottom – look at EACH LINE!
If you DO NOT BALANCE – the perform the following steps PRIOR TO ASKING ME FOR HELP:
After you compare your trial balance to the UNADJUSTED TRIAL BALANCE given
to you in your handout, highlight or circle any balances that are wrong on your
Compute the difference between what you have on your work and what you
should have.
Attempt to find a journal entry, or combination of entries that are WRONG by
reviewing your journal again.
If you still cannot find it your errors after you complete the above steps:
Bring up your trial balance with the wrong line items circled or highlighted on it --- and the
differences computed.
Print out a general ledger for me from 1/1/14 to 1/31/14. (See the handout for directions.)
Bring the work up to me so that I can help you locate your errors.
YOU CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF CLASS TO DO THIS. If you did the prep work at home as you
were requested to do, EVERYONE in the class will have plenty of time to complete the project