PS16-15 Using Public Transportation to Facilitate Last Mile Package

(Rev. 5/2013)
Research Project Statement 16-15
FY16 Annual Program
Using Public Transportation to Facilitate Last Mile Package Delivery
The Problem:
Texas serves as a major hub for goods movement in North America. Texas must fully utilize its multimodal
transportation system to move goods in the most effective manner. (TxDOT, Move Texas Freight). As
internet shopping increases the demand for package delivery, there is a need for more efficient “last mile”
delivery of goods in rural areas. Historically, intercity bus operators provided package delivery. However,
intercity bus companies have closed many routes through the most rural areas of the state. There are
37rural transit districts in Texas that operate in multiple counties across the state. All rural counties (except
Newton and Chambers Counties in southeast Texas) are served by a rural transit district (Statewide LongRange Transportation Plan 2035). Research is needed to address gaps in package delivery that may be
served by rural transit providers in Texas.
The research team will conduct state of the industry research to answer the following questions.
What rural transit districts currently provide package delivery for a fee?
What is the demand? What revenues are generated?
Is there demand/capacity for more package delivery on public transportation?
What is peer state experience?
What are the considerations re: size, weight, content, etc? When is this concept viable?
How much revenue could be generated? Are the revenues eligible as local match for federal
What are the benefits and potential issues?
Will there be competition with commercial package delivery companies?
What are regulatory and legal issues to address?
In addition, the research team will convene a group of rural transportation providers to discuss the
opportunities and challenges to determine how public transportation can facilitate last mile package
Ultimately, researchers will develop a final report that documents guidance for last mile package delivery by
public transportation, including a discussion of lessons learned and best practices. Researchers will also
develop guidance for TxDOT’s role in goods movement moved by public transportation.
The proposed research will include the following deliverables:
Synthesis of the current state of the practice
Guidance for state-funded and rural transit districts to provide last mile package delivery
Pilot projects to demonstrate how public transportation can facilitate last mile package
1. Proposals will be considered non-responsive and will not be accepted for technical evaluation if
they are not received by the deadline or do not meet the requirements stated in RTI’s University
2. Proposals should be submitted in PDF format, 1 PDF file per proposal. File name should include
project name and university abbreviation.
Thursday, March 12, 2015 2:30 – 4:30PM
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Project Statement 16-15
(Rev. 5/2013)
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Project Statement 16-15