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Nepal Earthquake
• Nepal is a small,
democratic country
between India and
• It is one of the
world’s poorest
• It is known for its
fine architecture
• It has a flourishing
tourism industry
About Nepal
• Earthquakes are the rumblings,
shaking or rolling of the earth's
• They happen when two blocks
of the earth suddenly slip past
one another, or break apart
from each other as a result of
tension caused by prolonged
energy build up.
• They can be felt as a shock
under your feet, or may be very
powerful and flatten an entire
• They can happen anywhere,
land or sea.
About Earthquakes
• On Saturday morning, Nepal was hit by its worst Earthquake in 80 years
• Buildings topples over and people were buried. Over 1800 people have died and many
children and families remain in danger.
• Unicef is providing water, blankets and other emergency supplies to children and families
Earthquake in Nepal on Saturday
Bring-a-Pound Day for Nepal
• Our school will be holding a
Bring-A-Pound day on
[____] this week.
• If 55 pupils bring a pound,
we could provide 5 families
in Nepal with clean drinking
Bring-a-Pound Day