2015 Nepal Earthquake Emergency Donation Request

2015 Nepal Earthquake
Emergency Donation Request
*We kindly request for the entire University’s support*
The M7.8 earthquake of April 25, 2015 and its aftershocks, continuing till now, have
caused severe damage to the entire central region of Nepal. As of May 12th, the death toll had,
according to the Nepalese government, already reached 8,188 and about 400,000 buildings
are destroyed, while another 300,000 are partially damaged.
While international relief is underway, the current situation is such that there is just not
enough support reaching the victims in the disaster area. In addition to that, due to the
approaching monsoon season, there is a dire need for living spaces with roofs for the victims.
Students from Nepal and their friends have already started collecting donations, but
considering the scale of the disaster and the unforeseen damage, it is necessary to collect
funds as much as possible.
This is why we at Hokkaido University are carrying out our donation campaign for the
Nepal earthquake relief fund, kindly requesting for your support in this hour of greatest
We are hoping for everyone’s understanding and support.
【Donation Period】May 20th (Wed.) ~ May 29th (Fri.)
【Donation Boxes at】ALL Faculties, Graduate Schools and
【Use of Donation】
Donations will be transferred to the “Embassy of Nepal Earthquake Fund”
and the results will be announced on Hokkaido University`s web page.
【Hokkaido University – Nepal Support Group】
Pitambar GAUTAM
(ext. 9290)
Assistant Representatives
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ajaya Ram SHRESTHA (ext. 3230)
Graduate School of Medicine
Prabha NEPAL
Faculty of Health Sciences
Institute of Low Temperature Science Bhagawati KUNWAR
Institute of Low Temperature Science Ambarish POKHREL
【Supported by】
Hokkaido University (Coordinator: International Exchange Division, Office of
International Affairs, Shinji Nakatani, ext. 8035)
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