Autodesk® Vault Power Panel: Customer

Autodesk® Vault Power Panel: Customer-Focused on
Your Success
Allen Gager, KHS USA
Tim Bourdois, Netwise Computer Services
Craig Breckenridge, Dynamic Structures
Steve Hilvers, Unverferth Manufacturing
Team up with the Autodesk Vault gurus and discuss all things Vault in this panel discussion class.
Find out how selecting Autodesk Vault software was the perfect choice for their organizations and discover how you
can have the same success. Each of the panel members will present a short viewpoint from the customer
perspective. For the remainder of the class, we will focus on ways to help you succeed in your organization. The
primary focus is on helping you get what you need to have a great Vault experience.
Open Panel Discussion
The intent of this class is to provide a short overview from each speaker, illustrating
key elements of a successful Vault implementation and generate discussion topics.
This session is an Unconference or Round table discussion with a larger number of
engaged attendees. You are encouraged to bring your questions and topics of
This session is not a formatted How To lecture, the content and direction of discussion
is generated by the needs and desires of the attendees.
Learning Objectives
At the end of this class, you will be able to:
Identify what level of Vault is right for you
List key points in the Vault implementation process
Describe successful Vault implementations and what made them successful
Get the most from this open forum discussion by asking questions relevant to you
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About the Speakers
Allen Gager is a design engineer with KHS USA. Allen has over twenty four years’ experience using and customizing
Autodesk products in a production environment, designing products in 3D since 1997. He has a proven record of
accomplishment streamlining the design process. He has authored numerous custom Autodesk Inventor applications
that can be found in use throughout the world. Allen is a popular AMUG User Group speaker, AUGI national Inventor
Instructor and an Autodesk University veteran speaker. Allen has developed Inventor training material for
CADLearning by 4D Technologies and is an Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional. Allen has served as the
Manufacturing Solutions Division Technical Editor for AU Tech Talk and is an Autodesk's Inventor of the Month
recipient. Allen reached approximately five million listeners during a national Autodesk Radio Tour delivering the
message, "Being Inventive". His work is showcased on previous Autodesk Vault products.
[email protected]
Tim Bourdois has worked with Aluminum Curtainwall Systems since 2002 as an IT systems engineer and is
currently their director for technology and development. He is responsible for all things IT at ACS including analysis
and implementation of Autodesk® products, their integration into the organizational workflow and the integration of
output data into their ERP system. He is involved with system design, software/hardware selection and acquisition,
implementation, training, and cross application development; acting as a facilitator between application vendors. His
current focus at ACS is the implementation and integration of ERP & Project Management/PLM within the
organization. Tim has maintained a small IT consulting company since 1994 (NetWise Computer Services) and
specializes in system design & integration. He became a certified network specialist in 1986 and a certified NetWare
Engineer in 1996 through Novell Inc.
Craig Breckenridge has been using AutoDesk products for over 20 years and has been instrumental in putting
together the system used at Dynamic Structures. Dynamic Structures was the recipient of the 2009 Inventor of the
Year award and Craig has been a featured speaker at AutoDesk's One Team conference. Familiar with all aspects of
the Product Design Suite, Craig utilizes them efficiently in the design of DSL's projects and manages all their CAD
data through Vault Professional.
Being a premier provider of professional observatories, telescopes and amusement rides, DSL is on the leading edge
of efficient engineering design. The interconnectivity of AutoDesk products allow in house control of everything from
concept through to advertising image production. Craig's wide ranging exposure to different software packages has
enabled him to develop a stable base on which to structure the award winning projects DSL produces.
Steve Hilvers has an Agricultural Engineering degree from The Ohio State University with an emphasis on design.
He has been around the agricultural industry and Unverferth Mfg. Co., Inc. for most of his life. He resides in a small
rural town in northwest Ohio where he was born and raised. Steve started on a drawing board in the late '80s and has
over 20+ years of experience with Autodesk® products (starting with AutoCAD® 8, Mechanical Desktop, and now
Autodesk Inventor®). Over the last five years, he has taken on the implementation of data management, with the
product of choice being Autodesk Vault Professional. Steve also has several years of experience with rules writing for
a product configurator of which he is one of two primary configuration programmers. He has also been heavily
involved with implementing and integrating a new manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system with Autodesk
Vault Professional. Steve is an AU veteran and trusted Autodesk Vault Subject Matter Expert.