Hints for Searching the Internet

Search Hints
Try the following search engine: www.google.com
To narrow your search - you can link words by using the following words or
symbols: and, (instead of writing it out you can use the symbol +), or, not. And is used to
combine more than one idea or term, Not is used to subtract some responses you do not
want. For example: Vikings not football, would generate articles about the ancient vikings and
not include articles that were about the Minnesota Viking Football team. You can use the
hyphen (-) rather than not for the same result. Make sure the plus or minus symbol is positioned
immediately before the word.
To search for a subject with more than one word, use quotation marks. Example: "Ellis Island"
otherwise the computer will search for the words Ellis and Island.
To search for articles with a particular word or phrase in the title - use a t: before your search
term. Example: t:Vikings
To search for a word contained in a URL -type "URL" before the search terms.
Wildcard searching is used to search for any form of a word by using an asterisk to replace a
letter or letters in a word. Example: scien* would give you science, scientific, scientist etc.
To limit the domains you search you can use this: "domain:edu" followed by your
(There are some search engines that do not recognize the methods above).
You can search more than one search engine by using mega search engines. Go to:
www.savvysearch.com and www.dogpile.com.