'Meet the Vikings' fortnight

Meet the Vikings Croxteth Country Park, June 2005
It is 1000 AD. Welcome to Krok's steath, or Krok's Farm. The Vikings, with
their reputation for trading and raiding well founded, have established
themselves near to the banks of the River Alt. They are farming the land and
have built themselves a long-house to live in. They are always on the
lookout for trouble from the local Saxons but are now mostly peacefully
engaged in farming the land they have acquired, and the animals on it. The
word is out that strangers are in the vicinity and the visiting groups
(children) have to show that they have no ill intent towards the occupiers
of the settlement. Some Vikings might be staying temporarily here before
moving on to Jorvik or York, as it was to become known in later times. As
keen traders the Vikings will show the visitors how they live and will
encourage the young ones to participate in many aspects of daily life and
work of the settlement - simple food preparation and cooking, animal
husbandry, spinning and weaving, leechcraft (medicines), wood turning or
basket and hurdle making. The rich aural history of sagas, as told by a
'scald lady', will help bring the past to life. This is an exciting and
authentically detailed programme full of the sights, sounds and smells of a
Viking settlement, which will provide a dramatic and profound learning
One of the most detailed programmes we offer, all participants must dress in
appropriate costume. The children will be divided into smaller groups each
led by one of the living history team.
Available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 June 2005
Duration: 2 hours - 10.00am to 12.00 noon and 1.00pm to 3.00pm
Charge: For up to maximum 60 children: £470 per 2hr session.
For up to maximum 30 children; £240 per 2hr session
Please note payment MUST be made in advance of visit,
Maximum booking of 60 per session - exceptionally, over 60 may be booked up
to a limit of 8 extra children at a supplementary charge of £8 per child.
FREE - All Viking groups will be provided with a voucher for free Home Farm
entry for the number of children booked on the Vikings. Some animal breeds
used by the Vikings can be seen on the farm and these will be indicated by a
special logo so that they can easily be identified.
We strongly advise education visit organisers attend the free briefing
session provided. This is designed to give as much information as possible
about the visit; group activities, safety, costume details and a tour of the
settlement site. The session will take place at Croxteth Hall (The Study) on
Tuesday 17 May 2005 at 1.30pm and should last for approx 2 hrs. The session
will finish approx 3.30pm.
A useful teachers' Resource Pack for 'Meet The Vikings' will be made
available at the Teachers' Briefing session.
Public event
National Sure Start Month Living History Event
Leaders FIAT
Historical Family Fun Day
in association with Sure Start for the East
In support of the Registered Charity Families Need Fathers.
Step back in time and visit our Viking Living History Camp (complete with
longship) and enjoy the Skirmish and Arena Battle later in the afternoon.
See Medieval Knights in armour battle it out in a tournament!
Selection of Farmers Market Stalls courtesy of Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd.
Children's entertainment on the back lawn courtesy of A.C.Mitchell Church.
'Professor' Codman's Victorian Punch and Judy Show and the Fun Day Jester
will add to the historical entertainment.