Power Point presentation (English)

BCNFarma, a Petrone Group Company, is mainly oriented in the pharmaceutical field. It offers a range of
services highly qualified in terms of efficiency, security and technological infrastructures, flexible and
tailored for all customer needs.
The quality of our services is guaranteed by Petrone Group’s 40 years leadership in European drug
marketing: a staff made of highly specialized professionals, a big and flexible structure efficiently organized,
an attention to customer demands coming from hands-on experience: you can trust us.
One platform in Barcelona enable us to serve the whole national areas.
We can provide you with a logistics solution that best
fits your activity, whether in one country throughout
a geographic region across Europe.
We complay with the requeriments for Good
Distribution Practice (GDP) and operate in accordance
with all common standards.
We are able to offer to our customers a range of
services covering every aspect of drugs supply chain
but also of any other kind of goods.
Our workflow provides: inbound and storage
operations, in equipped areas, of
pharmaceuticals, dietary foods for special
pathologies, electromedical devices,
dermocosmetics etc; customer orders
management (received from mandator
companies as well as their customers); picking
and packing operations; transport issued by
specialized carriers.
• Receiving and control.
• Inbound quality control.
• Order picking, packing, preparation and dispatch.
• Consignment cheking, recording and verification for
each batch.
• Fast-track delivery.
• Inventory management – tracing and archiving.
• Temperature- controlled storage management.
• Refrigerated transit or validated packaging.
• Quarantine management.
• 24 hours delivery.
• National and international transport.
• Collections of returned goods, destruction of unsold
• Specialist handling for short shelf lives and technical
• Sales and stock reporting.
• Information, assistant and local market knowledge.
• Regular client reviews
• Transfers orders.
• Full credit control.
• Cash collection.
• Full debt management.
BCNFarma operates in Spain through a platform based
in Barcelona that covers all Spanish territory and
The warehouse is equipped with a temperaturecontrol and humidity-regulaterd storage (2-8°C to 1525°C), telephone-connected to logistic personnel in
charge of storing. The monitoring temperature system
is linked to the headquarters of a leading security
emergency company, working H24.
It is also equipped with radiofrequency system.
•Storage surface : 1.000 m2
•Offices surface : 300 m2
•Pallets: 375
•Refrigerated pallets: 7
•Pallets for narcotics: 8
Bcnfarma is ready to double its
storage capacity and treble the
refrigerated area.
The hardware is located in air conditioned room with generator, independent and specific anti-intrusion and
anti-fire systems. Data backup is scheduled daily. In case of natural disasters a specific disaster recovery
procedure, based on a mirroring system, assures the resumption of activities within few hours.
• Anti-intrusion system
• On line video-surveillance systems connected with private Security Guards
• All warehouse and office areas are protected by fire alarm and smoke detecting systems