Algebra II * Course Outline

Teacher: Mrs. Christy Edgar
Byron Nelson High School
Email: [email protected]
Pre AP Geometry
Phone: 817-698-5666
Conference time: 6 period
Room AC237
The Mathematics Department is committed to creating an environment where all students will practice
critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication to ensure academic success. In our efforts
to provide each student with an excellent Mathematical experience, we ask the cooperation of our students
and their parents regarding certain behavioral, procedural, and material issues.
Course Description:
The anticipated sequence of topics is as follows:
1st Six Weeks
2nd Six Weeks
3rd Six Weeks
Foundations of Geometry
Midpoint and Distance
Triangle Properties
Similarity and congruent
4th Six Weeks
5th Six Weeks
6th Six Weeks
Triangle Relationships
Right Triangles
Properties of Circles
Each student should bring to class daily:
 Composition notebook/spiral
 pencils/eraser
 notebook paper
 graph paper
 Tablet (fully charged)
Each student is being asked to bring 4 AAA batteries for classroom calculator use.
Calculators: A graphing calculator is available for use in the classroom, but is not available for check-out to
any student.
Students opting to use their own personal calculator must be prepared to have all memory (including
programs and applications) cleared before formative assessments as required by teachers. Students may
not use a personal calculator for any summative assessment.
For working at home, a TI-84 Plus is recommended. If purchasing a new calculator, please do not select the
TI-89 or any calculator with a CAS. A CAS enabled calculator is not permitted on any course assessment or
standardized test.
Class expectations
A. Be Prompt - Students are to be seated and ready to begin class when the bell rings. Tardies and
the related consequences will be handled per district policy.
B. Be Prepared – All materials should be ready for use and assignments completed by the start of each
class session.
C. Be Polite – Students are expected to be polite and respectful of teachers, peers, AND their
D. Participate Appropriately – In order to be successful, it is necessary for students to actively listen,
participate, ask questions, take part in class discussions, and complete assigned tasks.
E. Be Productive – Utilize class and tutorial time to complete assignments and ask questions.
F. No cell phones or I-pod devices during class- These are not to be seen or heard during class. All
violations will be taken up and turned into the office as per the BNHS Handbook.
G. Students should take care of their personal needs between classes. Restroom visits will only be
given for extreme emergencies and at the teacher’s discretion.
Failure to be prepared for class, be polite to teachers and peers, or participate APPROPRIATELY in class will have
consequences as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Possible consequences include:
 Verbal warning
 Detention
 Parent contact/conference
 Office referral
 FORMATIVE grades (classwork, homework, and quizzes) will account for 40% of the student’s six-weeks
 SUMMATIVE grades (TESTS and PROJECTS) will make up the remaining 60% of the six-weeks average
 The semester exam will account for 20% of the semester average.
 All quizzes and tests will be announced in advance.
Tutorials are generally available in the morning (8:00 – 8:30) and afternoon (3:50 – 4:15)
 There will be at least one Geometry teacher available for tutorials on most days. A student may seek
tutorials from any of these teachers. Schedule is posted outside my door.
 Lunch tutorials are generally not available. Check with individual teachers concerning possible exceptions
and appointments for lunch tutorials.
 Alterations in the tutorial schedule due to campus or district meetings will be announced as far in advance
as possible.
Absences/Late Work:
 Homework will be given frequently to increase the student’s understanding of the material. Homework should
be ready to check or turn in at the beginning of class on the due date. Assignments should include work shown
(a list of answers with no work is NOT acceptable) to receive credit.
 Work missed due to an absence will be accepted upon the student’s return (one class day late per class day
absent) with no penalty assessed.
 It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work missed due to an absence. Any work assigned prior to an
absence is to be turned in the next attended class period (immediately upon the student’s return).
Since quizzes and tests are announced in advance, students who are present on the day of the quiz/test will be
expected to take it as scheduled. Students that are absent on the day of a quiz/test must complete it the day
of their return to class. A unit calendar is available on netschool (moodle).
Assessments & Retesting:
Announced quizzes will be given throughout each unit.
 One quiz grade per unit test will be dropped provided the test grade is higher than the quiz grade over
related material.
Tests will be announced in advance. Students should turn in all electronic devices (other than a graphing calculator)
to the designated (teacher monitored) location for the duration of any test. Devices will be returned when all
tests are turned in.
 Students caught using ANY electronic device during a test will have their test confiscated and appropriate
consequences regarding any academic dishonesty will be assigned.
 Per district policy, a determination of academic dishonesty (cheating or copying) will be based on the
judgment of the teacher and disciplinary and/or academic consequences for such actions will be determined
by the teacher and campus administrator.
A retest will be offered if a student scores a grade less than 70 on any given test.
The retest procedure for Geometry is as follows:
 All homework for the unit must be completed before a retest will be made available.
 The student will attend a tutorial session with the teacher to correct the original test (no points will be
 The retest must be completed within 1 week of return of the original test.
 While the retests will cover the same concepts covered in class for any particular unit, students should
expect the format of the retest to include up to 75% short answer or essay questions.
 The 2 test grades will be averaged and recorded per district policy.
Retest MAY be offered if a student scores a grade of 70+ on any given test.
The retest procedure for Geometry is as follows
 Corrections must be done during tutorials with a geometry teacher
 A retest can be taken to gain points back. The average of the two tests will be the new grade.
 While the retests will cover the same concepts covered in class for any particular unit, students should
expect the format of the retest to include up to 75% short answer or essay questions.
 Retakes must be completed within 1 week of return of the original test unless an exception has been
granted by the teacher.
Suggestions for performing your best in Pre-AP Geometry:
Form a study group with friends who are also in Pre-AP Geometry. Work with your classmates on
assignments both in and out of class. Collaborate on work, but don’t copy other student’s work.
Attend tutorials when you are having trouble finishing an assignment.
Manage your time wisely. Expect to spend extra time working on individual projects and studying for APS
Quizzes and tests.
Don’t get discouraged. When you are feeling overwhelmed or helpless, seek encouragement from family
and friends and from your instructor. This is a tough class, but you are up to the challenge. Don’t give up!
Keep up with the work. Complete your assignments as soon as you receive them; don’t wait until the end
of the six weeks. When you are absent, work diligently to get back on track as soon as possible.
Keep your eye on the goal. You are taking this class to prepare yourself for rigorous AP courses and
college level coursework in the future. Remember when you are struggling that the reward is worth your