April 9 Product Life Cycle BMI3C

The Product
•Just as humans go through life cycle, (baby to
teenager to adult), most products (and services) pass
through various stages over time.
•These stages make up a life cycle of a product called
Product Life Cycle.
•Although the rates of change, and the length and
intensity of each stage may vary, most product life
cycles follow roughly the same pattern.
The Product
•In the introductory stages (similar baby stage)
the focus is on the product. Later, the focus
changes to promotion and price.
Why do marketers need to know the product
Often called a “ Launch”
Consumers uninformed
Branding 101
1st Consumers =
“early adopters” (trendsetters)
Can you think of any products that are in the
launch phase now? Do a quick search!
Growth Stage
Followers to early
adopters help drive
increased sales.
Competition is
Product or service
is managed carefully
Wide advertising & distribution is common
Branding, branding, branding!
Flat growth
No increase/decrease
in sales
New consumers
replace those drawn
to competitors
Advertising keeps
public aware
Sales decreasing as
customers move to
new products
Can be averted or
delayed by advertising
Any products?
Decision Point
Final stage in product life cycle
Brand Management
decision point !!
/ Repackage
“New & Improved”
New promotion & repricing
You have to make a decision whether you
will let your product die or re-create your
We finished here at slide 7 (previous slide)
on Tuesday
We are starting from slide #9 on Wed.
Students handed in “Product Life Cycle
assignment” at the end of today. (Wed)
If you missed Wed class, you must bring a
doctor’s note or your parent’s email;
otherwise you will get zero on this
Non Traditional
Product Life Cycles
Fads: A product, which is popular only for
a short time such as 6 months.
A fad is said to "catch on" when the
number of people adopting it begins to
increase rapidly.
The behavior will normally fade quickly
once the perception of novelty is gone.
Example: Silly band, Pet rock
A product which is made and marketed for
use in a small (specialized) but profitable
Generally speaking, this market is so
small that there are not too many
competitors, so these products can last a
long time.
Blackberry is only for business
professionals like CEO and lawyers.
These products fluctuate a lot depending
on the season.
For example the salts you throw on the
roads in winter, are perfect example. We
use them a lot in winter time, but we rarely
use them in other seasons.
Your sales vary a lot, so your marketing
activity also fluctuates a lot, depending on
the season.
We finished at slide 12 today (Wed)
Are there steps to when we make a big
ticket item purchase?
Psychologists have proven that generally,
consumers go through five (sometimes
six) steps when making a purchase.
This study goes hand in hand with
understanding consumer psychology of
Processes a consumer uses to
make purchase decisions, as
well as to use and dispose of
purchased goods or services;
also includes factors that
influence purchase decisions
and the product use.
Need Recognition –
The Consumer has a WANT
Cultural, Social,
Individual and
all steps
Criteria is Set
Information Search
of Alternatives
When a current product isn’t performing
This drives the entire buying decision
When the consumer is running
out of an product
When another product seems superior
to the one currently used
• Are there ever times when we second
guess our purchase decision?
•The sixth and final
step (in some cases)
is….. REGRET!
Cognitive Dissonance
Did I make a good decision?
Did I buy the right product?
Did I get a good value?
Chapter 5 Version 6e
Can minimize regret
Effective Communication
- Follow-up
- Guarantees
- Warranties
 Create a Google Doc and share it with me.
 Title it: Buying Decision – your name, ex: Buying Decision – Ms.
 Place yourself in the buying decision hotseat. Select an item that
you would like to purchase (ie: car, vacation, donation, house).
 Go through the six steps of the Buying Decision process. In each
step, include information necessary, ie: criteria for buying a car
(colour, 4 door, low mileage, etc)
 When going shopping, do so online and include at least 2-3 links of
items that fulfill your criteria!
 When selecting your final purchase, include a link and rationale as
to why you selected this product in the end.
 Have fun shopping! When done, share with a friend!