Sci Fi Study Guide - Fair Lawn Schools

“Monkey’s Paw”
“Examination Day” Vocabulary
Question #1
 1) Veronica saw a
man walking around the
neighborhood, so she
decided to notify the police.
Answer to #1
Question #2
 2) It might have just been her
but Meghan thought she saw
Jackson admiring her from
across the room.
Answer to #2
Question #3
 3) Samuel
wanted to go
bowling with his friends
Sunday night, but he could
not figure out how to
____________________ the
topic with his strict parents.
Answer to #3
Question #4
 4) Ashley studied with
because she did not want to
fail math and have to attend
summer school.
Answer to #4
Question #5
 5) Aaron
answered the reporter’s
questions, hoping that his words
would not be misrepresented in
the newspaper.
Answer to #5
Question #6
 6) Lily wanted to wear a
unique dress to the prom, not
one of those
_________________ ones
that all the other girls would
be wearing.
Answer to #6
Question #7
 7) Not wanting to wake her
sleeping children, the mother
entered the room to switch on
the night light.
Answer to #7
Question #8
 8)
by the movie on television,
the children begged their
parents to let them stay up
long enough to see the
Answer to #8
Question #9
 9) Our pleasant evening with
friends was
_____________________ by
the argument we had during
the last half hour of their visit.
Answer to #9
Question #10
 10) During the transit of
Venus tomorrow, remember
to keep your eyes
______________ from the
sun unless you are using a
telescope or binoculars.
Answer to #10
“Monkey’s Paw”
 Organize the following events by
placing the number of the event in
the appropriate category. Some
categories will have more than one
“Monkey’s Paw” Answers
Theme: #5
Exposition: # 6, #1
Rising Action: #7, #4, #8
Climax: #3
Falling Action: #2, #10
Resolution: #9
And all the rest!
 Describe the ironic plot twist in each of
the following stories:
 “ZOO”
 “Examination Day”
 “People Are Alike All Over”
 At first, the reader only thinks that
humans must pay to attend Professor
Hugo’s alien zoo.
 However, at the end of the story, we
realize that the aliens are also paying to
attend a human zoo.
“Examination Day”
 Although there is foreshadowing
that Ricky might fail his test, the
reader is surprised to see that he
fails (and is executed!) for
knowing too much!
“People Are Alike All
 Conrad travels to Mars to discover a new
civilization, but he ends up as their
discovery—an exhibit in their zoo!
 When Markeson tells Conrad people are alike
all over, he refers to kindness; Markeson
sees he was right, but it was about people’s
curiosity and its consequences.