Performance Task Instructions

Meal Planning for Vacation
 You are driving down to Florida for your
vacation at a beach house. On the way down
to Florida, you have to eat at a restaurant for
all 3 meals-breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
 After you arrive in Florida, you will go
shopping at a grocery store and make your
own meals at the beach house to save
Performance Task
 Your task is to choose between restaurant
menus to choose 3 meals for Day 1.
 Then you will list the 3 meals you would make
for Day 2.
 You also need to write 1 paragraph listing 3-4
“healthy” snacks that you could eat on the car
ride down and WHY they are healthy.
**The combined meals for each day should meet
the healthy standards discussed in health class.
What you record
 For each food you’re going to eat, you need to record
the following 5 things:
 1. Calories
 2. Fat grams
 3. Protein grams
 4. Carbohydrates
 5. Answer is it an empty calorie food or nutrient dense
food & why
Performance Task Cont.
 After you have developed your 2 days of
meals, you need to write 1 paragraph for
each day answering the question “How do
the meals for this day meet the healthy
(Calories, Fat Grams, Protein, Carbs,
Vitamins, & Minerals)
Additional Questions
Instructions, pick 2 out of the 3 questions to
answer. Please answer each question with a
 How would your 2 days meal plan change if you
were going to Florida to play in a soccer
tournament all day?
 How would your 2 days meal plan change if you
were laying out in the sun to get tan all day?
 How would your 2 days meal plan change if you
were going to Disney World for the day?
Restaurant Menus
Click on the above links to see the restaurant menu. If you’d like to use
a different restaurant than listed above, feel free to google the
restaurant name + menu.
Taco Bell
Burger King
Buffalo Wild Wings
Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Panda Express
The Cheesecake Factory
You can look up nutritional values at
Day 2 Nutrition Facts
 Click on
 Type in search box what food you want to eat & hit
 When the next page comes
up scroll down and click on the
food that most represents
what you are going to eat
 Record the nutrition facts &
answer is it nutrient dense or an empty calorie food?
Uploading Documents to Mr.
Houchins' Dropbox
 How to upload your document. Title your document
with your first & last name and hour. For example:
 Click on link below for a video to walk you through
how to upload your document to my folder.