Win it and Spend it in Vancouver Percent Project

Win it and Spend it in Vancouver Percent Project
Surprise you and your partner are the winner s of $500.00 that you must spend together on an overnight trip in
the Greater Vancouver area. There is a catch however; you must plan out every cent you spend during this
twenty four hour spree. You must purchase at least three different items from different retail stores. These
items will be on sale. Accommodation will be at a hotel or motel of your choice. You will travel by bus, taxi
and/or sky train for transportation. You will eat a minimum of three meals, breakfast, lunch and Dinner at
three different restaurants. You are also expected to participate in at least two paid tourist/entertainment
1. Library research sheet:
 You will need to research tax percentages applied to accommodations, purchased goods, restaurant
food, transportation and tourist activities or entertainment. The percentages will differ! There are
some tax exemptions for clothing depending on age of recipient. Some purchases will require both PST
and GST and others either PST or GST. Some items have no applied taxes.
 Costs of purchases, tours, entertainment, other activities and accommodations can be found on the
internet. Remember costs for meals, transportation and activities are for two people. You must
purchase at least three different items at retail stores. You will make up a different discount
percentage for each purchased item (ie. 15% off, 35% off 20% off etcetera) and calculate the sale price
using the regular prices found on the internet. Taxes are applied to the sale price after the discount is
subtracted from the regular price.
Useful Sites: key search terms– consumer taxes; PST; GST; tax exemptions
Stores such as – The Bay, Canadian Tire, Future Shop, Best Buy, Winners etc.
2. Write a paragraph describing the plan for your 24 hour spree. Outline where you will stay, eat and shop,
mode of transportation, and the entertainment and activities you will enjoy. Make your trip seem exciting and
the perfect way to spend your winnings.
3. Create a 24 hour schedule (Friday (late afternoon) when you leave Delta - Saturday evening when you
return home) detailing your itinerary. List times and durations of specific activities you will participate in.
Provide name of overnight accommodation (give hours of sleep). Give names of restaurants that you will eat
breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reserve some time in schedule to go shopping at a mall or at specific stores! Do
not forget about time to move between locations and mode of transportation.
3. Table of Calculations: This table will show how you spend your $500.00. The table will list all costs for
purchased items, meals, activities, transportation and accommodations. Beside each item the appropriate tax
percentage must be applied as well as any discounts or tips. Final costs after taxes and/or discounts are applied
must be given before subtracting amounts from total funds. For restaurants budget a specific amount per
meal and then add applicable taxes and tips to this amount. Tips of 10-20% tips should be added to restaurant
bills before taxes are applied. Tips are not necessary at fast food places. You are not expected to plan the menu
4. Picture display will include pictures of items purchased, regular prices, discount percentages and sale prices
(steps to show calculations of sale price must be included here). You must also show steps to calculate taxes
applied to each purchased item to determine total price paid after taxes.
In this section also include other pictures and prices for accommodations, restaurant meals and
tourist/entertainment activities. Please label pictures with name of item and retail store name or activity name.
Do not forget dollar signs “$” and % units. This display will show your understanding of how sale prices are
determined and taxes are applied to various purchases or activities and/or other costs.
Project Presentation: Project must be laid out on a poster or in a large pamphlet. This “poster” must be
organized, neat and visually appealing so you can advertise your trip. Fine line your print, label tables, sections
and pictures. Colour pictures and add other features to make the poster creative and appealing to look at.
Library Research Sheet for “Win it and Spend it Math Project”
Look the following information up to use in your project! Complete the tax information first!
Accommodation – Give name of
facility, address (location), room
type and daily price
Activities you wish to participate in –
briefly describe activity, location,
duration and cost (minimum 2
Items to Purchase at retail stores
Store Name
Costs for transportation
Mode of transportation
Cost (tax?)
What % PST do you pay for the
following? Write n/a if the item is
PST exempt or the__% value if you
must pay it!
Children clothing
candy & pop
restaurant meals
theatre show/movie
tourist trips
bus/ferry rides
Adult clothing
What are some examples of things
you pay 5% GST on? List below
Item description
cost (tax% ?)
Do you pay 5% GST on the following? If Yes write 5% or if no write n/a
candy & pop
restaurant meals
theatre show/movie
tourist trips
bus/ferry rides