Notes Social Studies

Additional Notes for Social Sciences
Major Historical Events related by Cause & Effect
Revolutionary War 1775-1783
Civil War 1861-1865
WWII 1939-1945
Colonists declared independence from Britain
The southern states succeeding from the Union The
bloodiest war on US land.
Our involvement in this war was partly due to the
Japanese 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. This war was
global involved the deadliest world conflict in history
most countries were involved.
What is a primary source? Original documents that were created during the time
period being studied. This includes: diaries, journals, speeches, interviews, letters,
memos, manuscripts, memoirs, and autobiographies.
Cultural Contributions and Technology developments
Music literature and visual arts
Written language, medicine, mathematics/engineering, astronomy,
irrigation, ramp and lever used in construction
Written language, metal work, glass making, textile weaving, water storage,
irrigation, mathematics, astronomy and the oldest RECORDED religion
Seismological detectors, matches, paper, piston pump, iron plough,
wheelbarrow, suspension bridge, parachute, natural gas as fuel, magnetic
compass, the relief map, and gun powder
Birth place of religious systems such as Hinduism and Buddhism,
cultivating plants, perfume use demonstrates knowledge of chemistry
Language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, science and arts, steam
engine, use of scientific method, primitive analog computers
Law, war, art, literature, architecture, technology, and language
Engineering skills, irrigation canals, drainage systems, hydroponics
Ancient Rome
Significant historical leaders & events that influenced the United States
George Washington Commander in the Revolutionary War was a farmer and soldier.
Called the father of our country, first president in 1789.
Declaration of
1776, Representatives from the 13th colonies announced the
separation of those colonies from Britain
Thomas Jefferson
Third president of the US and one of the drafters of the Declaration of
Independence. Highlight was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory
from France in 1803.
Benjamin Franklin
Major role in the American Revolution. He was a public official,
writer, scientist, and printer. He was a drafter of the constitution and
known for many practical inventions such as the lightening rod,
bifocals, and a stove.
Other Significant
Abraham Lincoln 16th president, Stock Market Crash, - 1929, Great
events or people to Depression 1929, WWII, Civil Rights Movement mid 50-60, Martin
know about
Luther King nonviolent civil rights leader, F. Roosevelt 32nd president
led the country through the depression and WWII
Significant historical leaders & events that influenced Eastern & Western Civilizations
Alexander the Great
Conquered the whole of the Near East and Egypt. Known as one
of most successful military leaders of the ancient world.
Several military campaigns during the 11th-13th centuries.
Roman Catholics trying to recapture the Holy land from the
Dark Ages
The Anglo-Saxon period between Roman and Medieval times. It
represented a regression in achievement and a decline in
classical culture when compared to the Roman time.
Martin Luther
A German theologian and a monk who inspired the Protestant
Reformation and influenced the doctrines of Lutheran and
Protestant Christian traditions.
French Revolution
Overthrew the absolute monarchy of the Bourbons and the
system for aristocratic privileges.
A form of extreme right-wing totalitarian dictatorship.
Mussolini who ruled Italy from 1922-until WWII is an example.
Ruled Germany from 1933 until WWII
A system of government in which the state plans and controls
the economy and a single party holds power.
German philosopher founder of modern communism
Russian leader founder of the Soviet Communism
Succeeded Lenin
Prime Minister of Britain during WWII