Alfred Wegener Writing - Waukee Community School District Blogs

Directions: Choose one of the following writing prompts below. You need to read the article “Alfred
Wegener” first. When you are finished reading respond to your prompt using paragraphs and complete
sentences. Your finished product should be no shorter than 1 page long.
Option #1:
Reading Reflection: answer the following questions.
1. Explain the significance of Greenland in Wegener’s life.
2. What world record did Wegener set in 1906?
3. Why could Wegener be called an interdisciplinary scientist? Identify the fields of science of which he
was knowledgeable.
4. Explain how the fossil of a small reptile provided evidence to help prove Wegener’s theory of drifting
5. How did the discovery of coal deposits in England and Antarctica strengthen Wegener’s argument?
6. What were the two main problems that Wegener faced when he tried to convince others that his theory
of drifting continents was valid?
7. Wegener and some colleagues drew maps of what they thought the world looked like at different times
as the supercontinent broke up and the continents drifted apart. Use your books on page 266 to help you
recreate the maps from the following years:
a. Pangaea
b. 250 mya
c. Earth Today
Option #2:
Letter to Parents: write a letter to your parents assuming you are Alfred Wegener in the early 1900’s. Explain
to them that you want to further your education in Science, since you’ve found this great discovery. Explain to
them your continental drift theory and how important it is for them to believe you. Explain that no one around
you believes you, and that you really need their support, as this is your life’s journey. In your letter, you must
1. A heading that begins like this:
a. Dear ___________:
2. A description of your plans to go to college in Earth Science.
3. Your strong ideas about what’s going on with continental drift.
4. Five pieces of evidence stating your theory.
5. Explanations of continental drift and plate tectonics.
Option #3:
Letter to Parents: write a letter to your parents assuming you are a college student studying geology from
Alfred Wegener. You letter should explain what you have learned from Alfred Wegener. In your letter you
must include:
1. Who is Alfred Wegener?
2. What made Wegener think the continents were once one large land mass?
3. What did Wegener call his large land mass?
4. What was Wegener’s evidence for the large land mass? (3 pieces of evidence)
5. Why did no one believe Wegner?