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Per:_____ Date:_________
65 The Posthumous Triumph of Alfred Wegener by the Ameoba People
Word Bank:
brilliant, blizzard, icy mausoleum, man, Alfred
Wegener, continents, puzzle, Yee Haw, 1915,
1930, 1910, geologists, Greenland, 30,
hypothesis, light, plate tectonics, crazy, theory,
scientists, proof, Alfred Wegener, continental
drift, evidence, plate tectonics, continental
In the year of __________ there was a
scientist whose name was
_____________________ .
He noticed that the ________________
looked just like pieces of a broken
By ______ he called it
It caused a rift
With his fellow __________________
(who sang)
Ha! Ha! Alfred Wegener!
You are a _____________ man! x2
They reminded him he had no
For how or why the continents could do
And until you show just how or why
You merely have one interesting
Until this ________________ we see
You don't have a __________________
Ha! Ha! ____________________!
You are a crazy ____________! x2
In the year of _______ 0n an expedition to
Wegener got caught in a _____________
When they finally found him
It was much, oh much too late
And they buried him in an_________
___________ years after he died
A new idea came to light
________________, _________________
It changed the way ____________ saw the
world and brought
back to life .
Now everybody sings:
_______________! Alfred Wegener!
You are a _____________ man! x2
Continental Drift!
Alfred Wegener's theory! x3
Continental Drift!
Alfred Wegener's brilliant theory!