Ch. 13 Continental Drift

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Alfred Wegener in 1912, first
proposed that 200 million years
ago the Earth only had one giant
continent and named it Pangea.
Wegener believed today’s
continents broke apart and
drifted into their current
Wegener supported his
theory in six ways:
#1. The continents fit together
like a puzzle.
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GIF decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
The bulge of Africa fits
the shape of the coast of
No. America while
Brazil fits
along the coast
of Africa.
#2. The size of the
Their Size
indicates a huge
Wegener believed
this was caused
when India
collided with
#3. He discovered
identical fossil species
(plant & animal) on
several different
He knew that it was physically
impossible for most of these organisms to
have traveled or have been transported
across the vast ocean.
#4. Found broad belts of rocks in
Africa and South America that
are the same type which is rare.
#5 Also the Mountain
Ranges of the
Appalachian (No. Amer.)
and the
Caledonian (Europe)
match up.
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#6. Marks left by glaciers on
rocks in Africa, India, South
America and Australia make
no sense, unless these
continents were joined and
arrayed around the South
Wegener’s Continental Drift
theory was not readily
accepted by the science
community of his day because
he could not explain how the
continents were moving.
225 Million Years ago
Present Day
In 150 Million Years
In 250 Million Years
Why can't a woman,
who is now living in
Canada, not be buried
in the USA?